Tuesday in the city

Went into town for some retail therapy yesterday. In Monki (where I got a great massive sack of a shirt - so comfy!) I whipped the camera out in the changing rooms, forgetting there were big holes in the door and that people could probably see me. What a weird sight I must have been! Later in the day I met up with my friend A for some fika at Vurma where there were people snogging in the corners. And they were not teenagers which was a bit disconcerting. Anyway, me and A decided to go to the cinema so we went to see the new Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona which was surprisingly good. The cinema itself was pure 1950's eye candy, even down to the usher, an elderly gentleman with a moustache and a waistcoat, I so wish I'd snuck a picture of him now.


  1. Ah, moustaches and snogging and change rooms and so much to make me smile. Thanks for taking and sharing these visuals from your day.

  2. It has such a good effect with the camera in the changing room hole! Nice! :)

  3. all the pictures are very funny! and great as always (i haven't seen woddy allen's film yet, but i definitely want to go because i'm from barcelona!

    (it's nice to say you hello, i usually read you shyly :)

  4. the pictures in the dressing room, and your reflection on the walls are great. And what a movie theater! with a big orange curtain! Cool!

  5. aaaa guuuvafint! vilka outstanding bilder!
    :D och så lite som i en dröm sådär: det flyger kors och stora fluffiga rosetter i luften.
    i'm häpen och hänförd.

  6. that theater curtain is bowling me over with its perfection.
    such an amazing shot.

  7. Your photographs inspire me! So well done. And they make we long for a visit to the city . . .

  8. naemmen, jag va alltså i sthlm när du va där! :) tog inga bilder dock. hängde mest på massa möten. gick bra, skakade bara lite. fick applåd o gratiskaka, helt okej. men hade gärna sett en flygande rosett också....

  9. thanks guys! or ladies I should say! :)

    ..: I'm glad you said hello, and go and see the movie! I'd love to know what you make of it...

    lisen: nej men vad surt att du var här samtidigt men vad kul och spännade det låter med applåder, mycket nyfiken! synd att vi inte sprang på eller in i varann :(

  10. woaw, this is such a great serie of pictures.

    it's so nice to discover the city through your eyes !!

    ps yeah i LOVE you're wall paper :D


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