I'm now back home in London and it's almost as warm here as it was in Stockholm (although over here it feels like it could end right this minute and that autumn could arrive at the party just a bit too early)! I had such a lovely time in my hometown and would like to go back soon, once a year just isn't it enough. These chandeliers hang in my godfather's flat there and he was so happy to see these pictures as he'd never really noticed the pattern they make from below. Funnily enough I have him to thank for my constant picture-taking as he gave me my first camera when I was 10 (a Canon FT) and patiently explained F-stops to me over and over again. I'm so lucky to have him in my life, I just wish someone would crack teleportation soon so I could pop round for a cup of tea and a chat whenever I want.


Island life

Spent the weekend at my friends country house outside the city where we baked in the heat, swam in the sea and barbecued. When I was there last year it was so cold the only way we could swim was if we sat in the sauna first... this year we rushed into the water to cool down. Joy!


In the shade

It always feels like such a treat to have breakfast outside (and please excuse my sorry excuse of a sandwich - we ran out of cheese) but even more so to spot a deer relaxing in the shade below the balcony with birds chirping as the only soundtrack. Have a great weekend whatever you're doing!



1. Spent half the day at Smedsuddsbadet, a bathing spot in the centre of town and watched family members go for a dip and a jump (I didn't have the energy).
2. Snapped a bastardised sign.
3. Giggled at my sister's efforts to get changed under her dress.
4. Went for a long walk by the water from the north side to the south side.
5. Had a delicious dinner al fresco with friends.


Feeling hot hot hot

It's been years since I've experienced hot weather in Stockholm (I always seem to get the timing wrong) but this time a heat wave is due for the whole week I'm here. Score! Anyway, spent the day catching up with the family and chasing shadows. So much fun!

They just don't make 'em like this anymore
(2:40 mins in... oh+my+goodness).


Arrivederci Dolomiti!

Our week away in the mountains was amazing and looking back at these pictures I really miss it. I now dream of getting a place in the mountains (lottery win permitting of course) so we can go snowboarding there in winter and hiking in summer. In the meantime I'll be happy ignoring beach holidays and exploring more mountain ranges the world over...
Next on the itinerary though: Stockholm - woohoo!


I ate you

When not eating lots of bread, pasta and pizzas (oh, and fondue one night), we kinda went nuts with the sweet stuff... Mamma mia!


Just my type

It wasn't just the mountains in the Dolomites that were wonderful, there were also lots of great typography abound. To rest our aching legs one day we took a day-trip to the small town of Brunico where I took most of these pictures. I do love a bit of good type I do!


A different kind of eye candy

One of the many joys of traveling for me are the unexpected visual treasures that grab my attention. Here's some sights from the past few days...


Greetings from the Dolomites

bottom pic by the hubby

Somebody pinch me! It doesn't feel real walking or cycling around in this postcard-perfect place; everywhere you look there's a view to take your breath away (even out of our bathroom window!). Almost every muscle in my body aches from all the walking but it's worth it. It's so much fun whatever the weather, we've had hailstorms, thunderstorms, heavy rain and blazing sunshine, all equally wonderful with the mountains as a backdrop. I luv it.

P.S. Thanks all you lovely people for your sweet comments on the previous post :)



July 14th 2006, our wedding day, pic by Z.

Today me and the hubby are 12! What can I say, it's been the best 12 years of my life, I wouldn't be the person I am today without that lovely man by my side. Thank you for the love, patience and all the laughter over the years. I won't write anymore as it will just turn into one big cheese-fest and we don't want that now do we!

We're off to Italy for our anniversary holiday, and then I continue on to Sweden from there so it might be a bit quiet here for a week or two. But who knows, I might not be able to resist a few posts whilst traveling... Have a great couple of weeks everyone!


Mirror mirror everywhere

Don't you just love unexpected gifts? The hubby brought this home the other day and what a great tribute to the impending death of the polaroid it is too! You can take it off the stand and hang it on the wall and it goes without saying that it would look rather good hung next to a bunch of polaroids...
Happy weekend y'all!