Take me away

Top pic: Tenerife 1996
Bottom pic: Mallorca 1995

Today I'm going to ignore that it's another grey and damp day and pretend that I'm somewhere in the sun.
Are you with me?

To put you in the mood; some Thai funk by Onuma Singsiri (my favourite song at the mo).


Saturday's art

I'm a bit behind with my posting again; I'm down with my fifth cold of the season at the moment innit. My immune system is shot and I'm guessing it has something to do with not having had good quality sleep for the past 18 months or so (I'm counting in the last few months of pregnancy too!). I gather it might be just as long again before I get back to old sleeping patterns, although thinking about it, they've probably changed forever and that's that :)
Anyway, last Saturday I seriously came down with cabin fever, so I took myself and the Oomster down to the Curve Gallery at the Barbican to see the Damian Ortega exhibition before it ended. It was a really interesting concept for an exhibition; Ortega would create art inspired by a news story in that day's newspaper. What a challenge! Speaking of challenges, the hubby is off on a work trip next week so I'll struggle to find the time to post. I'll try my hardest but it might be a bit quiet here then. Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Here comes the sun...

... and not a day too soon if you ask me! This winter has been particularly drab and dreary; the constant grey skies have been a real downer. Thank goodness a high pressure has finally come our way! It was with a big smile on my face that I took Oomoo down to Regent's Park on Tuesday; we had fun going round the playground (for the first time in months) and enjoyed looking at all the birds and squirrels. Now we just have another two and a half months to go before this worst of seasons is over. Can't wait!

On a different note; a couple of friends of mine have separately emailed me about Vivian Maier in the past few days. It's the most amazing story about a photographer's work being discovered by chance - I won't go into it too much; you can read more about it here. Maier shot over 100 000 negatives but didn't show her pictures to anyone. And they are truly amazing. A-mazing. Go and have a look for yourselves at this blog dedicated to her pictures. There's also this news piece about her and more photos on YouTube. Enjoy!


The last ones

The earliest of these were shot in Stockholm back in August and the latest on New Year's Day. The reason this roll has been so slow to finish is because I've been shooting film in four different cameras in the past few months! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the other rolls will bring - I just hope it won't take as long as this one. Happy Friday folks!


Now also in colour!

Thank you for your comments yesterday; I agree - I really like the tones of Kodak Gold 200 as well. It was just that this particular roll seemed a bit darker than usual! It's therefor extra nice that I started shooting this roll back in August - before the world turned grey... I think that's why I'm craving more saturated colours right now; winters in London are drab I tell you, draaaaab!


Letters from my Lomo

Just had a roll of film developed and I'm a bit disappointed by how murky it came out. I don't know if it's the labs fault, if my batteries are dying or if Kodak Gold 200 just is a bit dull (colour and tone wise). Do any of you guys shoot with it? Do you get similar results? I'm now going to do something I've never done before - put a roll of 400 ISO in the LC-A and see how that goes. Exciting times I know ;)


Pattern emerging

Because today is a Monday in January, we've got to fight the grey powers that be!

More colour here - Poodle Loop


Slow progress

This year is starting with a bit of a whimper. Even though the hubby and I are over our colds, we still feel run down and little Oomoo has conjunctivitis and a cough that keeps us all up at night. You know, I don't think I've ever looked forward to spring as much as I do right now! I want to feel well again and see the sun for longer than the odd hour (yeah rain - just go away will ya?!). I guess I just have to be patient. Oh, and as you can see in the third pic Oomoo has had his first haircut - them curls were getting craaaazy!


Playing with fire

Xmas this time round was all about fire and light with table top fireworks, real fireworks, balloons that lit up, puddings on fire and kids throwing shapes under a disco ball. It was a really nice day but we've been down with colds since then, hence no posting here over the holidays. I'm so relieved it'll be another 12 months before the whole circus starts up again :)