Village type

You know me... always on the lookout for some nice type! Here's some from the village we were staying in. I felt like such a tourist walking around taking pictures, but then again I was one :)

Talking about type; if you're in London and into typography you must check out the Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum - it's type heaven I tell you!



Some randoms from our weekend away visiting friends in Wiltshire. The weather was amazing and it was great to get out of London for a couple of days. I must make sure we get out of the city more often... Happy Wednesday!


Bring it!

It's summer here in London! In April! Make the most of it! Not much time for the computer in other words, but I thought I'd say hello. Now then... where are my summer clothes?!


Last week

Going by your comments on the previous post (thank you!!) I'm guessing you won't mind too much if I post these here. As a rule I don't like posting things twice (not counting flickr), but if I didn't I wouldn't really have anything to put here right now! These are all from last week when we had a great spell of weather, in fact on Sunday we went to our first barbecue of the year and that's the nephew having a little post-dinner lie-down in the fourth picture. Hope you have a great weekend peeps!


Meanwhile over on Instagram

Some pictures from the past couple of weeks as seen through my phone. I'm completely in love with the square format, it's like getting a new set of eyes! Thank you so much for your film recommendations, I shall try some of your suggestions out soon... once I stop being so addicted to Instagram :)


Alphabet Street

Some more shots from my Yashica T5. It wasn't a terribly exciting roll I must say, so these will be the last ones from it. I took these around Old Street just after I met up with Melanie for the first time (see how time slows with film...). She shoots a lot of her stuff with a Yashica T4, so I dusted my T5 off to see what it could do (I think I last used ten years ago). Anyway, on Melanie's recommendation I used a 400 ISO roll of Lomography film which in my view makes regular film almost look cross-processed. I must get more different kinds of film to experiment with, it's such fun to see the differences. What's your favourite film to shoot with?


400 ISO

Whoops! I forgot I'd half-prepared this post last night so please excuse the minimal text that was on here (although if you're reading this you never saw it, haha!). Anyway, I have to rush out as it's another lovely day, so all I'll say is that these two are from a recent film I loaded into my Yashica T5 (the bottom pic cracks me up). I'll be back on Monday with some more pics from that roll; in the mean time have yourselves a great weekend!


Bad blogger

Oh dear. My grand plans of taking lots of pictures last week didn't quite happen. Or I guess they did, but I took most of them on my phone and then uploaded them on Instagram. I've never really understood why people take pictures with their phones (not high res quality enough and no manual controls! Oh wait, they might like not having to lug a camera around all the time!) and now I'm that person! I must see to it that I don't forget about this space; in fact sitting down and typing this right now I'm really happy to be here again. I'll be back, I promise!