Of an afternoon

I chose Marnie (hilarious trailer thanks to Hitchcock himself!), had a lemonade ice-lolly and thought I might have found a mask for warding of swine flu - I'll just simply scare people away with it! Happy Friday!


Nothing much to do...

... but flop around the house, and that goes for both Little Mo and me. Bad weather and being in the high-risk group of catching swine flu (I'd probably be OK if I did catch it but I can't take any medication being pregnant and all) means that I'm pretty much house bound. Shame I've already watched my Cary Grant DVD box set. Maybe it's time for some old Ozu films again?


Abstract & distract

I got a bit distracted whilst cooking dinner last night. Luckily I didn't burn anything :)


Afternoon tea time

This weekend has been about food and friends and we started it with an afternoon tea session here at home on Friday afternoon. I guess one advantage with the summer having gone elsewhere is that cream tea can put a smile on everyone's faces, even if it is July and ice-cream would be more appropriate. How was your weekend?


Back home

Eeeek, it's soon time to go back to regular posting. The past couple of weeks have been different as I haven't been taking pictures in quite the same way, knowing I had a back log of posts to get through. As you can see I've kept my 30mm lens on the whole time since we got back from France. I think it makes everything look just that little bit nicer. 
Happy Friday peeps!


Winter on film

Looking at these my love for film has been re-ignited. At first I thought they looked a bit "meh!", but I love the texture and grain that you get with film; it makes digital photography look so cold and flat. Speaking of cold, these pics are from February (see, there's no mad rush with film!) - a great month made all the better by a visit from Sandra & Johan.


France on film

So I shot a roll of film when we were away. I stupidly didn't trust my regular SLR to expose correctly so I backed everything up digitally. I won't be doing that again, it ruins the surprise and the excitement of having the roll developed. These are some details from the house, I promise this will be the last France post! I'll show you some other pics from the roll tomorrow, can you believe it sat in the camera for five months... 


Stop-off before sail-off

On the way home we stopped off for one night in St Malo and it's a shame we had so little time there. Our hotel room was right on the beach and after the long drive north we only had enough energy for a meal and breathing in the sea air from our balcony. The meal was pretty poor, but the view and the sunset was beautiful. I really really really want to go back there and spend some more time exploring the city and the beaches. One day.


Blast from the past

Alors, it's back to France again I'm afraid, I hope you don't mind! I forgot to mention that the house we stayed in is my mother-in-law's summer house and that the hubby spent his childhood summers there. On one of the days we were there we had torrential downpours and to pass the time he fished out books, toys and drawings from back in the day. The family would spend lots of time making things, something I never did as a kid... I think that's why I'm still not very good at working with my hands. Well, I'm going to make sure that spending hours making things as a family is something we in turn will do too :) Happy Friday!



Time for a little break from the France posts. As I mentioned a couple of days ago we couldn't celebrate our anniversary on the actual day, so yesterday we treated ourselves to lunch at Moro. Last time I was there the food wasn't great but our lunch re-ignited my love for the place. But after a three-course meal I still had to go and have a fika before we went to the cinema, so we slipped into Tinderbox in Angel. I personally blame the little one (isn't it funny how you say "little baby" but "big belly"?)... Anyway, we went to see Brüno which is not for the faint-hearted! I can't say there are many films that make you want to melt into your seat or that you watch shielding your eyes; still, I laughed a lot more than I thought I would.


French letters

On the Saturday morning we drove to Ste Foy le Grande for the food market. As we were walking past the stalls selling lots of delicious fare (most of which I couldn't eat as a pregnant lady - boohoo), I wondered why I wasn't taking any pictures. I mean, there were definitely pictures to be had and all. It wasn't until we got away from the market that my eye kicked in. I got lots of funny looks from passersby; they'd look at where I was pointing the camera and walk away looking puzzled. Horses for courses I guess :) I do love the typography you get on the Continent, here in the UK they're a bit too keen to replace old signs with horrible typefaces. Shame.