Scenes from babysitting Sunday

The niece did a bit of window shopping
I had a look at some small glasses

then saw the early clues of a street party

and whilst we sat on a bench eating sandwiches somebody was watching us...
... next we looked at and wondered what this beautiful flower was
we walked back to the street party and watched old men dance

and got the greatest reward at the end of it all.


I heart the Barbican (and my man)

Me and the hubby went on a date last night. By date I mean we went for dinner and then onto the Barbican to see Ethiopiques live. We haven't been to a gig together for years so it felt like a date, almost like our first date 12 years ago in fact, when I dragged him to see a three hour long Croatian film (I didn't know anything about it and he put up with it bravely). Luckily the gig was great and now we have to go and get the albums (there's so many!). Anyway, the Barbican is one of the most photogenic places in London and I thank the hubby for waiting patiently whilst I ran all over the place taking pictures.

This is the only decent "video" I've found to give you a taster of Ethiopiques - they never made any videos themselves.
Have a fantabulous weekend friends!


Nara in da house

What can I say? A bit of Yoshitomo Nara around the house makes for a happy house. Looks like I have to make the trip up north to check this out, the last time I saw an exhibition of his was about 10 years ago.
That's simply not good enough.


Outside the library

I keep seeing this dog going for a swim in the fountains of the neighbourhood and this time a little crowd had gathered to watch him do laps. I was quite jealous of the little swimmer until he started making retching noises and threw up water. Nice.


House mates

These little fellas live in the bookshelves. I'd like to think that they come alive when no one is around à la Toy Story. Maybe they hook up with the other toys around the house and have wild parties and the only one who knows about it is Little Mo.


A blast from the past

The other evening on our way to dinner we came across this little place that time forgot. It looks like it's still very much the 80's in there and that you can only get your hair cut short! I wonder if people only come out with hair like those in the pictures?


Le weekend

A few days of fun with kids started at Legoland with the nephew and the niece, continued with a 3D movie at the Imax cinema with the god children and ended with a food festival in the park with the nephew and the niece again. The last picture shows when the hubby finally got to have a little rest :)


Hello yellow

I think yellow is underrated, don't you? It's such a happy colour and it's just what I need today when the rain is pouring even though it's almost the end of June. Have a nice yellow weekend!


Simple pleasures

Clean sheets, a good stretch and playing games.

Today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden and this is a little taster of how it's celebrated :)
Glad midsommar (happy midsummer) to all of you!


Shades of grey

Lovely summer's day eh?! Well, it's the perfect weather for going to galleries so I met up with friends to see Street & Studio at the Tate Modern and Radical Light at the National Gallery. So glad that there are places to go for inspiration and a well needed dose of colour on days like this.


Random day

My favourite part of the day: me and the hubby decided to go into town for some lunch and when I went in ahead to get a table at the restaurant, the waitress simply ushered me in towards a table at the back without a word. And lo and behold, there was my sister completely by coincidence! So instead of her having lunch on her own we all had a nice meal together. I love this big little city. Here's some random pictures from a random day.


In the net

I'm not a fan of net curtains but recently I started looking at them properly and noticed that there are so many different patterns. You never really see the same pattern in someone else's windows . I'm curious, are net curtains popular in your country?