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My mum and my step-dad have been visiting us in London for the last few days and yesterday we wandered around Soho in the rain. They had the biggest brolly I've ever seen! It didn't stop us from seeing the rather cool buildings above us though. There's a few of these dotted around town and I've forgotten who the artist is. Anyone know? 


  1. men gu vilket stort parra!
    vad bra o ha ett sånt. om det inte blåser!

    strömmpbyxera. :)

  2. vicken fin visit och vicket paraply GIGANTE, -med det behöve rman ju knappt leta bostad.
    snugg logga där på milkbaren. var ni inne och valde ur utbudet?

  3. yes he's a french artist called JR : http://jr-art.net/
    I loved his work made on favelas of Rio. This is also very beautiful.

  4. did you see his image outside Tate Modern in the summer?


  5. lisen: det kunde ha blivit en mary poppins stund :D

    emma: nej, men jag vill ta mig en fika där snart, jag och mannen gick dit på vår första date, men på den tiden hette stället "the livingroom". borde gå dit på date igen 12 och ett halvt år senare!

    toktokada: wow, thanks for the link, such wonderful work!

    mary: I did but only briefly, I did that classic thing of thinking "I'll come back another day" and then never made it. :(

  6. I'd seen a whole report on tv about this guy putting up his photographs around the city of Valencia (Spain). Just breathtaking!


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