Outtakes VI

These are all outtakes from this month, and it was only when I grouped them together that I spotted (haha) that there were circles in all of the them. I think I've come to realise it's my favourite shape. 

Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. Stop-animation heaven.
Make sure you watch in high quality (click just above the number of views).
Now go and have yourself a wonderful weekend!


Mad house

I was moping around the house yesterday moaning how uninspired I was feeling (some days it's quite a challenge to have three daily photo challenges on the go) and then I remembered my favourite button on the camera: the self-timer. Happy crazy Friday y'all!

Go here to have some Jackson Pollock fun (I liked all black personally).


On my desk

Katrine tagged me to show my desk. It's funny, even though I'm the one using it, it still feels like the hubby's. He set it all up when we moved in, but it didn't take long before I took over as he was on his laptop most of the time anyway. I haven't changed a thing, although I did choose the wall colour, placed a Valentine's polaroid on the keyboard and brought in the tea light holders :) 

I tag: Celine, Alice and Charlotte.

Whoops, Alice has already done hers so I tag Kerry!


Walk the walk

Went for a lovely walk yesterday on Hampstead Heath and it actually felt like spring! Loads of people were out and about, most of them dog owners, which made me think how nice it would be to have one. I've never been a dog person but I'm warming to the idea of having one (I'm covering Little Mo's eyes and ears). So if you know a breed that picks up it's own poo, doesn't smell or bark, let me know...


Take a bow

Last week I was the lucky winner of Mette's ungt-blod-one-year-birthday-blog-giveaway-draw and this weekend a little parcel arrived with my lovely goodies. Thanks Mette! The bow is huge and I have to find the right top to wear it with, but for now I think it looks really cool on the wall :)


Sew far, sew good

Me and my sister-in-law got to enjoy our xmas present from our mother-in-law this weekend; a sewing course! I haven't sewn since the 6th grade and never ever thought it was something I would like to be able to do. But since immersing myself into blogland - where everyone seems to be able to create something with their hands -  I've caught the bug. On the course we all had to make a skirt and although we didn't finish them in time (I still need to hem the skirt and sort out the waist band) I'm so chuffed that I got so far without any disasters. I think I might need to get a sewing machine now and then I'll finally be able to tackle this.


Fonts and fronts

Went for a walk yesterday through a neighbourhood we always drive or cycle through and I'm so glad I went by foot. These shop fronts made my heart sing and the sun even popped out to say hello. I think it was the Aussie contingent sending their rays over this way that did it. Thanks ladies :)

Continuing the theme from yesterdays link, a dance lesson from the Master.

Update: Meant to link to Emily Webber's London Shop Fronts project with this post but I couldn't remember the web address, but I know it now thanks to Emily herself! Go look!!



Found these in a box of photos the other day. I can't tell you how much I'd like to be right there right now, a beautiful summer's day, me reading by the window and Little Mo sniffing the lavender . They say this week is the week when most people feel a bit blue; the excitement of a new year has died down, new years resolutions have been broken and the realisation that things will be pretty much the same finally sinks in. I think I'm a bit over winter right now, a warm breeze and some sun on my skin would do very nicely thank you very much.

I know this is just an ad ripping of flashmobs but it cheers me up everytime I see it.


Shadows outside and in

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day (feeling so tired at the moment, anyone else?), and there wasn't much else to do but chase shadows. 

Imaginary conversation at a dinner party:
"What do you do?"
"I'm a shadow chaser."

I might try that next time someone asks me ;)


Keep warm and carry on

There comes a point in the day when you have to give in and just simply put the heating on (hey, just trying to save money wherever possible!). There are only so many layers, cups of tea and wooly hats one can wear before you have to surrender and just be comfortable again. Once I got warmer I set up a temporary seating arrangement on the bed so I could watch history in the making.


Trip the light fantastic

Spent Sunday afternoon at my father-in-law's and as it was a sunny day I went around trying to capture some of the beautiful light that was filtering in. The lamp behind the door really made me smile, it was like it was desperately trying to claim it's rightful place, a battle it seemed to be losing. Come on lamp, you can do it!

Some recent flickr faves:


Ski Sunday

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? I would go back to Tignes in the French Alps where we went on our first snowboarding trip last winter. It was pretty much love at first sight and actually my favourite holiday ever. I really hope we can go back soon!