The little gem

I meant to post these last year, but somehow never got round to it. Some friends of ours who live in the countryside had recently moved, and in their garden was this dilapidated bungalow. It's funny to look at these now as there's a lot of bluey green in our new house... I guess this ramshackle little building spoke to me. We're moving into our new home this weekend! So. Damn. Excited. It'll probably be quiet here on the blog until we're settled in, but you can check in on my Instagram feed until then. See you soon!


A Sunday in April

My cameras are under a layer of dust now, haha. I hope I get to play with them sooooooon.



Poor little blog... I'm not in a picture taking frame of mind at the moment with everything that is happening right now. Not only is there a lot of house stuff going on, but I've also signed up to run a 10K in three week's time (following Isabelle and Kvitter's brilliant training schedule over at DosFamily) and then there's the usual Japanese homework to get on with. Oh, and being a full-time mum, ha! However, yesterday I went into town and had a quiet little read at Nordic Bakery and then met up with my visiting sister for a short blast of sisterly fun. And I made myself take these as I'm totally out of the habit :)