In bloom

The blossom in our neighbourhood peaked this week; it such a beautiful moment when all the fruit trees are all dressed up in their finest. They're already on the turn now, their outfits a bit tattered and falling apart. Oh spring, how I love thee - you make this city such a gorgeous one for a couple of weeks every year and me so happy that I live here to enjoy it. Happy weekend chums!



Some friends of ours brought back some green tea and cherry blossom KitKat from Japan the other day. I don't like KitKat usually but this was delicious; it actually tasted a lot like white chocolate - with a hint of the green tea. I've never seen green chocolate before so I thought it best to take some pics of it before it made its way into our bellies!


Little Mo pic of the week V

It feels a bit like summer here at the moment which is a bit of a shock to the system, especially after the winter we've had. I even wore shorts yesterday! This April has been pretty amazing, but this being England I'm fully aware that these warm days could actually be the only summer we get. I need to do a Jedi mind trick on the sun; "This is the country you want to shine on"!


The little bather

I'm just going to let this picture speak for itself :)
Happy weekend friends!


Blue & white

The planes are back in the skies and all those plane trails look so unfamiliar! Seeing and hearing them again actually felt a bit strange yesterday; like the end of an era. I'm sure it'll be one of those events that one will remember forever, fondly by those who didn't need to fly anywhere and maybe not so fondly by those who were stuck. Here's some blues and whites as a tribute to the six days our skies were empty of humans.



See that first picture? That's a rare sight 'round these parts. A beautiful blue sky, empty of planes and plane trails. We don't live under the flight path, but the silence from the empty skies is quite something and all because of that bad-ass volcano in Iceland. Walking through our local woods on Saturday felt a bit unfamiliar,
a bit like being on holiday.

I also had a go at the swing. I didn't get much speed but I enjoyed it none the less!



A bit of blossom, a good book and a snoozing son. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed the simple pleasure of sitting on a park bench and reading a book; in fact I think it's one of my favourite past times...
What simple pleasures do you enjoy?

Have a great weekend peeps, I hope you get to enjoy a bit of the simple life - whatever you're doing!


Between a rock and a hard place

Here are a couple of shots from my latest Lomo roll. I've taken my films to the two photo developers that are in my neighbourhood, but there's a problem... One scratches the hell out of the negs and the other gives me washed out prints. Annoying!



Some details from the house in the Cotwolds. I love that place - I wish we could go more often. We used to go there once or twice a year in the late autumn or winter, but recently we've been up for day trips in late summer and it's sooooo nice! We must sort out a cat-sitter for Little Mo so we can go for longer next time...


Getting some air

We went away to the Cotswolds this weekend with the in-laws. The weather was perfect for walking in the woods and in the fields which is exactly what we did. We said hello to horses, looked for fossils and some of us hurtled down steep hills. Sometimes the best thing about London is leaving it behind :)


Testing testing

Yaaaay, the Polaroid SLR 680 works! This here is the first test shot (by the hubby) and yes, Oomoo's cheeks are ridiculously squishy :) Can't wait to take more pictures with our basement find, although (and I guess this is a good thing) there's the added pressure of getting it right as each shot costs £2.60. I've got a feeling I'll be hitting eBay quite regularly from now on... Have a fantastic weekend friends!

EDIT: Just thought I'd let you know that one of my weekends is up on Laura's blog "How's your weekend?". I'm so happy to be part of such a great project, and if you haven't already - go and check out Laura's blog See Hear Say as well - I loves it!


Cool small things

1. Raindrops on the window backlit by the sun.
2. A thumb that one day will be waaaaay bigger than mine.


Analogue pleasures

This is what last night looked like 'round our way. The hubby had a root around in the basement earlier in the day and found his old Polaroid cameras. I got all excited and dejected at the same time; it was like being given say a 1960's Ford Mustang but without the keys. We tried to shoot with the 600SE but the Pola film was all dried up. I know the Impossible Project is up and running but I just don't know where to start... Can anyone help us (the small one is a SLR 680)? We also had fun listening to some old cassettes; the hubby had taped some music off the radio in the 80's but not left out the DJ talking at all :) Remember taping music off the radio and pausing it when the DJ spoke and not always getting it right? Downloading MP3's isn't as fun is it? Anyway, happy weekend and Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate it!


Looking down

I have quite a bit of a blog post backlog these days which is entirely down to the Oomster, there just isn't enough time, plus my computer is ridiculously slow (my fault as I still haven't transferred stuff to the external hard drive, there's 22 892 pictures that I have to move over - gaah!). I took these pics exactly a month ago and it's about time they got posted. Always look down where you tread your feet, you might see the strangest things.