Another day another castle

More from a day trip this summer. We went to Hever Castle outside London on what felt like the last hot day of summer and it was pretty awesome. Beautiful gardens, a castle with a moat, a brilliant playground (modelled on the castle itself), a water maze (see pic 5) and a lake to explore by row boat or pedalo, to name just a few of the attractions. Next summer seems so far away right now, so it's nice to be a bit (ok, a lot) behind here on the blog. More catching up to come.


A birthday outing

I like "doing" things for my birthday, and as I'm more of an old lady than a party animal, that usually means wandering around an old house/castle/other town. This year, at the end of August, we went to Hampton Court to check out the old digs of Henry the VIIIth. We did the maze and the audio tour (they also do a kids version - genius!) and spent a good few hours soaking it all in. It's a shame that only the castles and fancy houses are left from all those centuries ago, as it would be really interesting to see how common people like us lived back then, don't you think?


This morning

Haven't been outside properly this week, so I made myself go for a lovely/gorgeous/beautiful/wonderful walk this morning on Hampstead Heath. I think my body is getting ready for hibernation, as I feel really lethargic at the moment. I hope it's temporary, because it feels waaaaay too soon. 


Play time

Been home with a cold for the past week. It's silly how something as harmless as a cold can wipe you out so much. But I've had a ridiculously long run of 10 months without one, so I'm not complaining in the slightest. Happy to be through it though, as after a while, watching Netflix and catch-up TV or reading books gets a bit boring.

These pix are from when we went to see Lee Bul at the Hayward Gallery in August, which I didn't rate at all. Looked like re-hashed Yayoi Kusama and Louise Bourgeois if you ask me. It was much more fun with Oomoo and his cuz out on the terrace...


Summer Kew

No season is complete without a visit to Kew Gardens, and this summer was no different. As the summer had been so dry there wasn't much to look at outside, which is why nearly all of these are from the Palm House. It's almost time to return and check out the autumn colours. Can't wait to see them.


Seen in Oxford

Went for a day trip to Oxford back in August. We had a little itinerary of things to see and where to eat, but my favourite moment was when we came across a deserted library (pics 1, 6 and 9). There was some sort of seminar or something going on, but everyone was out to lunch when we entered, which meant we could snoop around as we wished. I have to make sure I try and just wander around with no aim more often, as you don't know where you'll end up, or what you'll see. I got this book this summer (which I haven't read yet), and I'm up for coming across things and sights, rather than actively seeking them out. Who's with me?