Drive by shooting

Winded the window down quickly to get these. You can't really tell from this bunch of pics, but the light in LA is stunning. Not only is it golden, but the shadows you get are really deep. And that blue sky! So jealous. But if the trade-off is that I can walk everywhere in London, I'm happy to forgo that magical light :)


Days in LA

Right then... Let's do this. So, this summer we went for a three week holiday to Los Angeles, to see friends and family, and go to my sister's wedding. I used to go there quite often, but it'd had been eight years since I'd last been there - too long if you ask me. It was great to be back, and I always enjoy the slower pace of life, but I must say that traffic has gotten so much worse there since the last time. Any dream or fantasy of living there is quickly quashed by the thought of spending half of my life in a traffic jam. Anyways. I took about 1000+ pictures, a silly amount really, but easy to do when using a digital camera (I also shot some film there, but was a bit underwhelmed with the results), and so to try and edit them into something cohesive is a bit of a challenge. These are from our first couple of days there when we didn't do much more that hang in the pool, with friends and dogs and enjoyed the sunshine. Considering that the summer here in London was so rubbish, I'm really glad that we got at least three weeks of proper heat. As I type this I'm wearing four layers (with the heating on!) so going back in time here on the blog is going to be a treat :)


Time travel

Why hello there! So...  I went AWOL for the summer innit, but now that it's over it is time for a huge re-cap of the past few months. These pics are also from our May trip to the Cotswolds, and I thought I'd get them out of the way before I tackle the pictures from our three week LA-trip that we took about a month ago.  Still in the Cotswolds though, we went and checked out a neighbouring village called Bibury, which is one of those ridiculously picturesque villages, where bus loads of Japanese tourists get dropped off to have a wander (so much so that some of the signage is in Japanese!). We also popped into a little church and had a nosey; they are usually unlocked and anyone can just walk in and have a look. Aren't those pew cushions great? I hope to share more pictures soon, and that you're all well!