Walls & windows

Last Sunday we went on a last minute day trip to Oxford. It was my visiting friend's idea that we go, and I'm so glad he suggested it. It's a really pretty city, but my funny (weird) eye ignored the famous old university buildings and instead saw interesting colour combinations on residential houses. More pics from Oxford to come!


A Tate morning

I always take visiting friends to Tate Modern, but this time we were unlucky as it's was in-between paying exhibitions. They need to update the permanent collection with some more interesting artworks; usually there's a few really good ones on display, but the current selection is pretty boring. The Tanks were also closed so we were really unlucky. Here's hoping more exciting art is on the way for 2013.


Jump for joy!

I'm so happy the sun has come out to play with us in the past few days. A friend has been in town and I have quite a few pictures to go through and eventually post. Happy Monday!

A song for today:



The snowy hill of Primrose

London is covered in a blanket of snow again - for the third time in four years. Me likey. It started coming down on Friday and we took a windswept walk up Primrose Hill. I got very excited when I saw a guy walk up the hill with a red umbrella and couldn't believe the steamy windows in the café we took refuge in. For a few seconds there I pretended I was Saul Leiter :)


Above & below

\ On Exhibition Rd
\\ Under Exhibition Rd


My Monday

What I needed to spend the whole day doing: Japanese homework.

Some of what I actually did: 
Finished watching Crazy, Stupid, Love
Laughed at what Instagram really is 
Having a part from a song pop into my head and managing to track it down.
Take these pictures. 

At 37 I would I have thought I'd be sensible about doing homework, but it turns out leaving stuff to the last minute is a very hard habit to shake.


Monday's reds

I treated myself on Monday and went to see three exhibitions; William Klein + Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern and Cartier-Bresson: A question of colour and Tim Walker: Story Teller at Somerset House. It's probably been about four years since I did a full art day on my own, and I must admit it felt both weird and wonderful. William Klein was really good (Moriyama=zzzzz) and I was so happy to finally see some Saul Leiter prints in the flesh. I wish I could have put them in my bag and walked off home! I was also totally blown away by seeing Joel Meyerowitz, Ernst Haas and Fred Herzog's pictures. I think my eyes might have been drooling. On another day I'm sure I would have enjoyed the Tim Walker exhibition, but after seeing such amazing street photography, fashion photography in comparison just looked stupid.

Feast your eyes:

William Klein
Saul Leiter
Joel Meyerowitz
Ernst Haas
Fred Herzog


On the first day of the new year

How do you get a 3-year old to walk for a couple of hours? Well, a kite, lots of puddles and a treasure hunt seems to do the trick. We're so lucky to have Hampstead Heath at our doorstep at the moment. Happy 2013 everyone!