Instant love

If only blogging was as easy and quick as Instagram! Sandra got me hooked on it properly over the weekend; I never got the point of Twitter or Facebook, but this is right up my street. I've got a very dear friend staying with us this week so I won't have time for regular posts, but if you have an iPhone you can follow me on Instagram (search for famapa) where I dare say I'll be posting some more pics. Hope you guys have a great week - I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of it and all the photos I'll be taking :)


About a cat

Claire over on Lola is Beauty started a sweet little series a few weeks ago, where readers can find out a bit more about the feline friends of bloggers across the world. Well, yesterday it was Little Mo's turn, so head on over if you want to find out more about the fourth member in our household. Also, thank you for your lovely comments on the previous post; my back is pretty much back (ha!) to normal - phew. Happy Friday amigos!



Hello again! I didn't mean to go AWOL; I did my back in quite badly a couple of weeks ago and I've been struggling to get back into blogging mode since then. I've hardly taken any pictures either, but here's a few recent randoms. In my absence the blog turned 3, so I want to take this opportunity to thank you friends, commenters and lurkers who stop by here regularly - I hope the past three years in this space have been as much fun for you as they have been for me :)


Seeing red & orange

The Barbican has become a favourite hangout spot on the weekends; there's lots of room for Oomoo to run around in and it's indoors (although I must admit we're having clear blue skies right now - yay!). When we went on Sunday it was more hectic than usual when they were staging the Barbican Weekender and as you can see, at one point the little man decided to have a lie-down :) And see the seven? Yup... I'm holding hands with cold no. 7 as I write this. Ridiculous!


Everyday Thursday

This is what parts of my Thursday looked like. It feels like I've hardly taken any pictures over the past few weeks and I miss the daily challenge/joy of seeing things. This is going to sound stupid, but I only figured out the other day that being a mum is proper full-time job (duuuuuh!). Totting up the hours I realised that I do 14-hour days, so it's really no wonder that I don't have time to blog more often than I do! I ain't complaining though, it's the best and most important "job" I've ever done in my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy Friday y'all!



And just like that I have reached post number 600! Best to celebrate with some delicious and good looking chocolate from Brussels, eh?! The hubby had a work trip there over the weekend and I requested that he bring me back some Belgian chocolate. He brought back two squares! Only joking, he brought back four boxes of the stuff - score!