These toys make me laugh! They're called BFF (best friends forever), except in this case they shouldn't be. I think we've all had a friend or a partner at some point in our lives that we know are bad for us but that we for some reason still see...


A do run run run

On Sunday we went to cheer on my sister-in-law who ran her first marathon (in 4hrs 12 mins, I'm so proud!). I have never seen the point of marathons, I just thought of the runners as crazy people running way too far, but as soon as we arrived at the race I immediately changed my mind. I fell in awe of the thousands of people who were taking part in the purest form of exercise there is. And it actually looked fun. Luckily the weather held up and the crowds were cheering with all their might. I actually came away thinking "I want to do that!"... I think I will, one day.

We also thought we might have seen something like this. It's quite horrible, but also very funny (please excuse me if you don't find it funny) and very stupid; always listen to your body!



The weather has been amazing this past week and I'm pretending I'm on holiday. Every day I sit in the garden reading, pausing occasionally to watch a little bird sing or watch a bee hover right by my face. Unfortunately it's not the stuff of exiting blog posts, so here are some pictures from 1996, on film no less! It's such a treat to look through old pictures don't you think? Now please excuse me, I must to get back to my book and the sun, rain is apparently on the way so I have to make the most of it... Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!


Where did everyone go?

Went into town yesterday to run some errands and on my way home I walked from New Oxford St to Holborn. The whole area is a bit run down and deserted; a piece of real estate that is most probably suffering from the economic downturn. In better times someone would have snapped it all up and turned it into generic shops and coffee bars but for now time is standing still. I reckon that's a good thing.


Give me the sunshine

Guess who's a happy girl? Oui, c'est moi... The sun has come round our way and yesterday I got to do one of my favourite things... sit out in the garden and read all day. I finished A wild sheep chase (thank you peeps for writing that I should stick with it) and started on London - the biography by Peter Ackroyd. It's a whopping 8oo and something pages, so I guess the next couple of months will be very informative. Whilst I was reading I went through old playlists on my iPod and came across this, it fit the day perfectly and I named this post in it's honour. Oh, and as our garden isn't particularly photogenic you'll have to make do with some pics from the weekend.


Outtakes VIII

I have to admit I'm feeling a bit uninspired at the moment. The days roll by and I find it hard to pick up the camera, but as I have a huge backlog I can always find some pictures that I can use for times like these. I'm sure I'll be more enthusiastic once the nice weather returns (when? when?)... Hope you all have a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing!

Evolution is Convenient - a bloody brilliant flickr set.


On the waterfront

Went to visit some friends last weekend who live right on the Thames. I was gobsmacked, in all my years of living in London I had never been in a home where the garden almost touched the river. I couldn't quite get over the view either and even though it was a grey and wet day I was completely enchanted (and a bit envious, hee hee). Our little trip down West made me realise that my London is tiiiiny... Time to expand me thinks!


Walking the camera

Apart from taking pictures of Lottie & Claire the other day my camera sniffed out some other shots too. I reckon it's the best kind of walk there is :)


Flickr buddies

Yesterday I met up with two of my flickr friends for the first time, Claire (who's in town at the moment) and Lottie. It's was so nice to finally meet as I've been following their photostreams for a loooong time now. We started off with cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery and I quickly felt a bit like an impostor. Claire had five cameras on her and Lottie three. I had two, both of them digital... They were shooting away on film and on Polaroid and I felt like the odd one out, I mean why am I so digital? Years ago I swore I'd never desert film, but I guess I forgot... Afterwards we wandered around Soho and popped into the Photographers' Gallery where we all agreed that the new building is pants. Such a shame. We then continued on to Maison Bertaux and out came their lovely cameras again. I have to learn to leave my digi at home more, I have to. Happy Holidays everyone!