The strangest meal

I don't know how this week ended up being such a culinary one, but there was a few birthdays that had to be celebrated this month. I guess we're at that age now when food is king and is the best way to celebrate. Well, it doesn't come any weirder than at The Fat Duck, a three Michelin star restaurant (probably the one and only time I'll eat in one) outside London where you get served nitro-poached green tea and lime mousse as your introductory taster. It was the strangest and funniest dining experience of my life, where else do you get to eat nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream or snail porridge? With one of the dishes you had to wear headphones with the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and sea gulls screeching in your ears while you ate something that looked and kind of tasted like a beach. Unfortunately I was too confused and enjoying myself too much to take a picture of it and now I have a bit of a sore tummy... I think I just want a cheese sandwich right now thank you very much ;)

Menu bigger here.


A treat

Last night me and the hubby went to my favourite restaurant Moro for his belated birthday dinner. The food is always amazing, the staff friendly and the toilets photogenic. What's not to love?


Little bit of red

The problem with most zoom lenses is that it's hard to get a narrow depth of field so I put my 30mm lens on the camera and went hunting. It wasn't until I put these images together that I saw the red theme. In feng shui they say that if you have a red wallet/purse money will come your way. I have a green one.

This is red.


Wet bank holiday

It was a truly miserable day in London yesterday. It rained all day and it was awfully windy. It was the kind of day when only tourists venture out because they have to. Well, we (me and Z) were honorary tourists for the day and went down to Tate Modern to check out the Turbine Flux Olympiad where we watched stilts races and a race called "Art imitating life" where the contestants had to take three steps forward and two steps back. A slow race in other words. Afterwards we walked on the low tide beach over to the Southbank Centre where we sheltered from the rain.

We dodged puddles and thought "Wouldn't it be great if London was this empty everyday!" and I took Z to see what was left of the Cans Festival and most of it was intact but some of the truly beautiful art had been defaced. Why would you do that? Back at the Royal Festival Hall they held a Spring Ballroom event where pensioners strutted their stuff dressed to the nines. It was as if we turned up on a cruise liner. Some of them were really good. I wonder if we, when we get to that age, will be breakdancing or dancing big box little box moves to house music dressed up in baggy jeans and trainers :)


Play date

Sometimes when you've been indoors for too long you simply have to go outside and use up some of that excess energy... This was the case for our nephew, I mean Spiderman, and we couldn't help but join in...

Minimal movee - a flickr video favourite


Street lights

On Friday night me and Z went for a bit of food, a bit of culture and a bit of tea in South Kensington. However my favourite part of the evening was us larking about taking pictures in the street of an amazing tree and of our feet. That and cycling home through Hyde Park in the dark and getting scent hits from night blooming flowers.

Here's some of my psychedelic tea.


Sights seen and things eaten

One of my favourite things about cycling is that I can really enjoy London's diverse architecture. When I moved here I hated that London didn't look uniform like Paris, Amsterdam or New York but now I love the mixed-up craziness of the buildings in this city, you never know what's around the corner. After a little mishap on the way to Borough Market, (Margot was a bit moody and the chain popped off, luckily it happened right outside a bike shop. The staff were saying that they couldn't help - "Can you book it in?"- when a fellow cyclist just knelt down and fixed it for me - thank you young man, thank you!) Anyway, me and my friend Z eventually enjoyed some chorizo sandwiches from Brindisa and yummy pecan brownies from Konditor & Cook. Mmmmmmmmm.


It's all white

I stuck to a white theme yesterday in honour of one of my favourite bands...

... which is The Whitest Boy Alive who we went to see play live at Koko and they were just as brilliant as I expected them to be! I can't wait for the new album to be released. The Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United was on at the same time and standing by the mixing desk I spotted a small TV that the crew were watching and as a result they weren't paying much attention to the gig. You couldn't really see them on stage most of the time and I felt a bit sorry for them but at the same time they played so tight as a band that lights would have made no difference. It was one of my favourite gigs ever.

I had a little visitor yesterday.


A pattern emerging

Last night on our way to dinner I was looking out for patterns in unusual places and this is what I found.


Board meeting

It's been ages since I last ironed, I forgot about some of my favourite clothes and as it was a quiet day I blasted my favourite playlist and got on with it.

Recent flickr faves:


A day of rest

A bit of healthy eating, too many hours watching catch-up telly and a peek in the Sunday paper where it said Iceland is the best place in the world to live. Also went to see Persepolis on Saturday, if it's still showing at your local cinema do yourself a favour and go see it. It was an incredibly beautiful film, the animation was so stunning my heart sang. I'm getting the DVD as soon as it's out. What did you get up to?

via lisen


Good Friday

Tried on and didn't buy vintage dresses at Beyond Retro,
had korean food at Nara for lunch,

went to the Modern British Posters exhibition at Central St Martin's,

spied a guy with a violin case going into a church, followed him and listened to a beautiful rehearsal of classical music - harpsichord and all,

continued to the British Museum to have a look at The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock...
... where I fell in love with this drypoint by Peggy Bacon,
I did not climb or sit on the plinth,

later I watched a woman knitting something intricate on the bus,

we sang at the open choral jazz session at the Southbank Centre and I found out I'm an alto,

and had amazing sushi for dinner at Life in Clerkenwell.
A busy day but I had to make up for not venturing outside my postcode for the last few days. I think I did rather well!