In the Valley of Rocks

So we went to Devon in what turned out to be the worst week of the summer. It's always a gamble when you holiday on these fair isles, and it was a gamble that we lost. But hey, that's what rain proofs and wellies are for, right?! Anyway, we and some friends rented a house in North Devon and it was ridiculously beautiful, despite the weather. On this particular day the weather was dreadful, but we got out of the house anyway and headed to Lynton, a little town on the coast. The skies cleared after lunch, and me and the boys walked up to the Valley of Rocks, a beautiful, if slightly smelly, walk along a coastal path. The smell became self-explanatory when we literally crossed paths with a feral goat. The walk itself was our favourite part of the whole week, something you might be able to guess from these pictures. It was still a bit drizzly so we got to see a rainbow - from above!! Just breathtaking. Along the path there were little sheltered seating areas, and in one of them we found a box of poems where anyone could scribble down what they felt like, as they sat there, staring at the sea (see pic 4). Some of them were very funny. And rather than writing down a poem, I'd like to think of these pictures as a sort of visual poem of that day :)



Dear neglected blog,

I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you for the past month. I didn't mean to disappear like I did, but life got in the way. Big things have happened; Oomoo started school a couple of weeks ago. He loves it and has settled in well. When he was born almost five years ago, the first day at school seemed like a life time away, and suddenly we were here. It feels like everything lately has revolved around this momentous moment, but now the dust has settled it's time to knuckle down and get on with things. You know, I don't think I've even touched my camera this month. Must see to it that I do. And I haven't even shown you the pictures I took on our Devon holiday at the end of last month! I'll get on it, I promise. Anyway, good to see you again and let's catch up some more next week.


F xx