Outtakes III + 7 random facts

Time for a new batch of outtakes (seven of them in honour of today's post), this time from my Sweden trip. I was also tagged by monda-loves the other day (thank you!), so I guess it's my turn to share seven random facts about myself with you...

1. I'm half-Filipino and half-Somalian which is a pretty random mix. I'd love to know how many there are of us in the world.

2. I'm the eldest of nine siblings. I have one sister, three half-sisters and four half-brothers. 

3. I left school at 16. I've been working on and off ever since although right now I'm a lady of leisure. I sometimes feel like I'm living my life in reverse.

4. I want to do a bungee jump. I did a sky-dive last year and it didn't give me the rush I was expecting. I love scary roller coasters and that feeling you get where it feels like your stomach flies up to your chest 
(does that make sense?).

5. I love making the hubby laugh. He's a very funny guy and it's feels like a small triumph everytime I make him crack up.

6. I proposed to my husband on leap year day 2004. I like traditions and surprises.

7. I swear outrageously in English but not at all in Swedish. It's so much easier to be foul-mouthed in another language.

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Phew! Now have a Happy Friday and don't expect any sweets from me if you ring my doorbell this evening...


Baby it's cold outside

Winter has made a surprise visit and it feels waaaay to soon! I took the top two pictures right before I went to bed on Tuesday night and yesterday morning there were fox tracks in the snow. They say the cold spell should pass in a few days, but in the meantime I'll enjoy wrapping up warm, making hot lunches and lighting candles as soon as the sun goes down.

A great project: Face your pockets via Lost at E minor


The dude

My hubby gave me this little dude yesterday, isn't he cool? He's supposed to hang off my mobile but I want to find him a worthier spot in the house, somewhere where he won't get scratched or lost. Have had a quiet first day back, am quite beat from all the walking and eating when I was away, I know I know, it's hard work but someone's got to do it :) 


In transit

I don't usually get the window seat but as the Stockholm to London flight is such a short one I was happy I got to enjoy the most wonderful show of light and shadows. I had such a lovely time in Sweden, it was such a treat to be able to spend some quality time with friends and relatives. It's so important to keep nurturing friendships (and make new ones!), especially when you live far away. It's also nice to come home and be picked up by a smiling husband and get a little nuzzle from my four-legged friend.


Kungsholmen - Söder

Yesterday we went to Kungsholmen and had a wander round. When I was growing up the neighbourhood was nothing special, a place were only pensioners lived. But in the past few years it has had an influx of cool shops and cafés and I almost don't recognise it now. The first two pictures are from De Fyra's shop and showroom where I couldn't resist buying a pretty little plate the perfect size for a kanelbulle. I then continued on to Söder which has been hip for the last 15 years or so for some more fika and some sushi in the evening. I'm going home soon so I'm squeezing in as many fikas I can before it's too late :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Arty farty

Had lunch with A yesterday in the rather stylish and cosy Landet, a restaurant where the interior was designed by former students at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), and there were lots of little details that were a feast for the eyes. Afterwards I got taken around Konstfack by A who's studying there. It was fun walking through the white corridors spotting the odd piece of art that students had left around the place. All the students looked like they should be on Facehunter. Fun. 
Happy Friday friends! 



I've been using the underground (tunnelbanan) every day I've been here in Stockholm and it's such a civilized way of traveling, especially if you compare it to the tube in London. It's quick, reliable and the temperature in the trains is normal, not baking hot all year round like in you-know-where... I've also enjoyed the mid-century design of the stations, particularly the tile choices and the typography of the different stops. The trains themselves are dead ugly but I guess you can't have everything.


Tuesday in the city

Went into town for some retail therapy yesterday. In Monki (where I got a great massive sack of a shirt - so comfy!) I whipped the camera out in the changing rooms, forgetting there were big holes in the door and that people could probably see me. What a weird sight I must have been! Later in the day I met up with my friend A for some fika at Vurma where there were people snogging in the corners. And they were not teenagers which was a bit disconcerting. Anyway, me and A decided to go to the cinema so we went to see the new Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona which was surprisingly good. The cinema itself was pure 1950's eye candy, even down to the usher, an elderly gentleman with a moustache and a waistcoat, I so wish I'd snuck a picture of him now.


Good signs

It's interesting walking the streets of Stockholm with my funny eye, I grew up here and I still visit a couple of times a year, but I have never noticed all the great signage in this city. I've also never noticed how many neon signs there are here. I'm so enjoying this trip. It's a good one.