Outtakes III + 7 random facts

Time for a new batch of outtakes (seven of them in honour of today's post), this time from my Sweden trip. I was also tagged by monda-loves the other day (thank you!), so I guess it's my turn to share seven random facts about myself with you...

1. I'm half-Filipino and half-Somalian which is a pretty random mix. I'd love to know how many there are of us in the world.

2. I'm the eldest of nine siblings. I have one sister, three half-sisters and four half-brothers. 

3. I left school at 16. I've been working on and off ever since although right now I'm a lady of leisure. I sometimes feel like I'm living my life in reverse.

4. I want to do a bungee jump. I did a sky-dive last year and it didn't give me the rush I was expecting. I love scary roller coasters and that feeling you get where it feels like your stomach flies up to your chest 
(does that make sense?).

5. I love making the hubby laugh. He's a very funny guy and it's feels like a small triumph everytime I make him crack up.

6. I proposed to my husband on leap year day 2004. I like traditions and surprises.

7. I swear outrageously in English but not at all in Swedish. It's so much easier to be foul-mouthed in another language.

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Phew! Now have a Happy Friday and don't expect any sweets from me if you ring my doorbell this evening...


  1. å vad kul o läsa! :)))

    å nej vad jobbit o svara ;)
    trevlig helg! hoppas nu din dörr inte blir full av kastade ägg (fast isf kan du ge dem till sandra å johan ju, hähä)

  2. kul att läsa tycker jag också! och tjusiga bilder! vi hörs sen :)

  3. haha, jag log hela vägen från början till slut. jag vill gärna sno en av dina punkter också. men det är kanske febjudet. (nr 6, för jag känner igen mej så mycke) :)
    jag ska get ett försök. ho ho.
    glad fredag nu och lås dörrn o ät godiset SHELV. (har för mej att min lillasyster tjänade typ över 500 spänn en vår när hon gick runt som påskkärring. hon blev helt skärrad över summan o grät lite.

  4. again such nice cut outs! i have a whole bunch waiting! maybe i will do them with the tag! when i get around to it! its gonna take some thinking!

  5. vilka helt underbara foton du tar!

  6. oh wow you're part filipino :) you came up as suggested reading in my google feeds. lovely lovely photographs you have.

  7. Absolutely lovely photos as usual,and I love your snowy photo+my mom love them too,because she loves snow a lot!!!

  8. i loved reading your 7random facts. original!nice photos too

  9. Hej
    Kul att läsa dina "7random facts". Ska fundera på mina 7 under helgen, tack för att du "taggade" mig.

    Trevlig fortsättning på helgen.

  10. okidoki - ge mig någon dag ... (men inte blir det väl nånsin "random"?)


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