May days in France

Oh hello there. It went a bit quiet here again. Well, I should know better... Once the summer holidays roll round, there's just no way that I want to spend any time in front of the computer. And so here I find myself with a backlog of holiday pictures... again. These are from May, when we went to stay with my mother-in-law in her holiday home in France. Buddy had just had surgery (which went well but he still needed after care), so it was only me and Oomoo who could go in the end. It rained every day, but we didn't mind a bit. The days were filled with simple pleasures like building fires in the wood burner, picking veg from from the veg garden, reading, making jam, going to the market and visiting the local castle. Oomoo and his Nana get on so well, and I loved seeing them enjoy each other's company so much. If or when the day comes when Oomoo has children of his own, I will try my best to be as hands on as she has been with all of her grand children!