Sunday at the museum

To go to one of the big museums on a weekend in London is probably one of the most frustrating things you can endure, as the crowds are generally ridiculous. But if you ask your child "What do you want to do today?" and he answers "Go to the Natural History Museum", you kinda don't give yourself any options. One Sunday we went down there, and yes, it was crazy busy, but as a result we sought out the quieter rooms. We spent a really long time in the minerals gallery, and on a freezing cold but sunny day it was such a treat to wander around it without feeling like an ant in an ants nest - haha. Happy weekend fellow humans!


My little old man

I have no idea how come he stands like this when he's looking at something, but I sure do love it.



I ventured east with friends recently, and once again became that annoying person who all of a sudden stops to take a picture and forever falls behind. But I couldn't help myself; there's not much (if any) street art in my 'hood, so when I come across it I go a bit bananas. 


Longing for summer

This one here is also an outtake from last year, but I thought it would look nicer on it's own. Have a great weekend friends!


Outtakes XVII

What the what?! Turns out I haven't put an outtakes post together for almost exactly two years... I guess that means I'm taking less pictures?? Anyways. These are all from last year  - may I have lots more in 2014 :)


Nine frames from Christmas 2013

Hello! Happy New Year and thank you for your comments on the previous post! Hope you had a nice break... we sure did. As you can see from the first pic Santa managed to track down some ravens for Oomoo - and knew that he didn't mean real ones :)  Christmas Day was very nice and relaxed, and my favourite part of it was making light paintings with the gang of cousins.