Time to party!

Happy New Year friends, may the 2011 bring you lots of new adventures and good times! Thank you so much for stopping by here over the past year - you guys are truly awesome! Have a great Eve and see you next year!



Hope you all have a wonderful time!



Snow my goodness

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while; I've been on my own with Oomoo for the past week so it's been the same old story of me not having time to post. Anyway, we finally got some snow on Friday (which is now melting away fast) and on Saturday, when more than 15cm of it fell, the hubby had to drive to a recce, which on the way there took 45 mins and on the way back took 6 hours! Oh joy!


The blue hour

Last weekend we met up with friends for Sunday lunch in Chiswick and afterwards, with full bellies, we walked along the Thames. You know how I go on about how much I love how diverse London is; well, don't these pics prove my point ;) I love "going away" in this city. Hope you're having a good week!


Color me good

Went down to check out the James Turrell exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery on Friday afternoon with the Oomster. As it was the last day there was a long queue to see the main installation, but despite the heat (I thought galleries are usually cold!) and the 25 minute wait, Oomoo was a trooper and waited with me patiently (mainly thanks to the lady in the last picture who happily responded to his flirting :) ). I've seen Turrell's work a few times before and it's much more of an experience when you can enjoy it on your own in your own time, instead of as a group and for five minutes only, as it was this time. Still, it was nice to get out of the house, so I ain't complaining! Anyway, I snuck these pics for you, hence the weird framings. Happy Monday!


Yesterday's sky

The sky was quite something yesterday. Unfortunately we were rushing around town xmas shopping, but every now and again we'd catch a little glimpse of one hell of a show. I wish I'd been somewhere where I could have seen it all properly! Have a great weekend folks!


Vignettes on film

Some more frames from that film that snapped in half. I opened the camera when it happened hence the light leaks on the first two; it's actually quite a nice effect!

I'm not one to normally advertise on this blog, but the mother of a very dear friend of mine has made some crocheted blankets that she's selling. Click here and have a look!


Little Mo pic of the week VIII

She does love them fish treats she does.


The lunch date

A couple of weekends ago I had the great pleasure of bumping into fellow blogger Melanie whilst out for a walk. I've been a fan of her blog for a long time, so when I recognised her there was a strange moment where blog life and real life crossed over. It was like seeing a famous person and then feeling that you really really had to say something to them (which I've only done twice - to Andie McDowell and David Thewlis when I was a teenager and I'd just moved here. I soon realised it wasn't the done thing, and now I ignore famous people when I see them in the street just like everyone else!). Anyway, we arranged to meet for lunch on Saturday and I had such a great time I didn't really take any pictures!


Friday Night Lights

Hello there! I didn't mean to disappear from here this week, but we all came down with colds (Oomoo's fever lasted 11 days in the end!) and I simply didn't have the energy to post. It's been a very cold week here (like most of Europe), but London was spared with just a light dusting of snow whereas some parts of the country got as much as six feet of snow! Anyway, we're on the mend now (and sleeping much better too - five wakes-a-night tending to the Oomster when you're ill yourself is not easy let me tell you!). Hope you've had a good week and that you're having a nice and cosy Sunday!

(I seem to have gone exclamation mark crazy today)


Outtakes XIII

Some leftovers from the past month. Can you believe it's the end of November already?? I can't and I'm in complete denial about Christmas and what needs to be done before then. Years ago I'd be very organized and have all of my shopping done by October to avoid the stress (tell me - do you enjoy xmas shopping?), but now I seem to punish myself and leave it all a bit late. Thank goodness for online shopping though, eh? Time to write down some ideas for gifts this weekend me thinks. Hope you have a good end to the week!

P.S. For those of you asking about Oomoo; he's still running a temperature every day and he's now also got an eye infection that makes his eye swell shut in the mornings :( The doctor says there's not much we can do but at least he's in much better spirits than he was. I guess this is what the wintry seasons will bring from now on...


Switch it on

I bet you didn't know that a light switch could cheer you up! I got these after having seen them on Kerry's blog and rightly so they're called Light Up Your Mood. You can get them from here.
Thanks for your lovely comments on yesterday's post; I'm glad you like the pic as much as I do :)



I'm going to sound a bit silly here but when I took this picture I got a real rush of adrenaline. It happens very rarely, but sometimes when I press the shutter I kind of hold my breath and inwardly go "Woohoo!". Well, this picture almost never got to see the light; I shot it on film and when I went to wind the roll back the film snapped in half! As I hadn't taken a digital back-up my heart truly sank. There were also some shots of Oomoo and my father-in-law that were very special on that roll, and at the time of taking the pictures I thought that as I was shooting film we'd at least get prints for once (yup, I'm still not printing my digi shots - are you?). Luckily the people at Snappy Snaps could save most of it and when I saw this (which I'd forgotten I'd taken) I almost punched the air. And the Oomoo and Grampa shots were OK too - phew!


Day 4

Oomoo has had a good run but finally after a year and a week he has come down with a fever. He's not his usual self but he's as sweet as ever. I didn't have a camera at hand to capture this moment earlier so I used the iPhone. Not a bad substitute! Hope you're having a nice Tuesday.



I had no idea he was there until the last slice. Happy Monday!


Lomo Flashback III

Two pics from the past today;
1. At a Barbara Kruger exhibition at LACMA.
2. In the car at the one-way system in Swiss Cottage.
Have a great weekend innit!


Plane fun

When you have a little one you can't stay at home just because the weather's bad; you have to get out or you feel like you're not being a good parent. So, one day last week when we were desperately trying to think of somewhere to take Oomoo that was indoors and didn't cost the earth (we thought we'd go to the London Aquarium but after seeing the ticket prices at £18 per adult we had to re-think!), the hubby suggested the RAF museum (free entry!). Just like that our guilty conscience was cleared. It's such a great place to wander around and you don't have to be a plane nerd to enjoy it; I mean check out all those great designs and colours! Needless to say Oomoo enjoyed it too - phew!