A week ago we were in the mountains, in deep blankets of snow, hurtling down the pistes of the French Alps. I had all the intentions of blogging pictures from the trip once we got back, but whaddyaknow, time was not on my side... So, I wish you all a festive and relaxing time whatever you're doing over the next week or so, and as Arnie would say: "I'll be back!" 


Just a little bit more

Apologies for the radio silence over here. Once again I find myself with no time on my hands, and an intermittent internet connection ain't exactly helping things. I'll try to post one more post before I take a blog-break later this week; in the mean time, here are some more XA2 film shots. Happy Monday!


A little of bit red on film

I treated myself to a new old camera a few weeks ago; an Olympus XA2 to be precise. Charlyn had one with her when I met up with her, and I was intrigued by it, so I had nosey around eBay and picked one up for next to nothing. It's very similar to the Lomo LC-A, and I really enjoyed shooting with it, but it leaves me slightly confused... When the focus is right it's quite a bit sharper than the LC-A, but I prefer the vignetting you get with the Lomo. Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to alternate rolls between the two from now on and see how it goes. Oh, and how's about that giant cupcake in the last pic?! Lemme tell you... it was goooood! More XA2 shots to come.


Stuck on repeat

One of the drawbacks of either carrying more than one camera or Instagramming all the time, is that I get a lot of doubles. Why I still feel that I have to back my film shots on something digital is a mystery. Anyway, here are the last ones from the my most recent Lomo LC-A roll. Have a great weekend folks!



1. One boiling hot day in October
2. One freezing cold evening in November



A certain young man turned two yesterday and to celebrate we took him down to the London Aquarium. It was a freezing cold and foggy November day (which I loved - as the Swedes say: "There's no bad weather, only bad clothes"), so it was quite a contrast to be wandering around there, looking at sharks and giant sea turtles. Oomoo loved it and we carried on for a bite to eat before heading home and opening pressies; amongst them a book from his favourite author/illustrator - yay! Man, I can't believe he's two already... can whoever's holding down the fast forward button please stop it??!!


A forest

A few weeks ago we went to the in-laws' house in the Cotswolds, and as per usual we went for our regular walk in the nearby woods. Looking these pics, I wish I could go back there right this instant. Trees rock! And speaking of which, here's one of my favourite songs ever - hence the title of this post. Happy Friday y'all!


Catch up

Right then, let's clear the backlog, shall we?! These three are from three weeks ago when it was +20c and we were freaking out over the unseasonal weather. Today it's +11c and one of those dark, grey days where you have to have the lights on indoors in the daytime to see anything. Hope November is treating you guys well!


Getting together

Last Saturday I had my monthly catch-up with my ex-work mates. We usually grab something to eat and then take in an exhibition, and this time was no different. We had brunch at St. ALi (where I had the best French Toast EVER) and then walked over to Tate Modern to see the Gerard Richter exhibition (which none of us particularly liked - oh well!). Aaaanyway, I'm hoping that I'll have more time to post more here next week; I still haven't managed to make/find another me :)


Wishful thinking

Right now I wish there were two of me. Or that there were 28 hours in a day.


Flickr clickers

Last week I met up with my flickr friend Charlyn who was in town visiting from Canada. We'd never met before but we, haha, "clicked" instantly. We spent a couple of days together and wandered around Tate Modern and checked out the new Turbine Hall installation amongst other things, had baked goodies at Nordic Bakery, checked out the Hunterian Museum (which Charlyn actually took me to and where sadly no photography was allowed) and the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A (ditto). Oh, and see that Kånken backpack that Charlyn carries? She had four cameras in there. Respect!