Arty farty

Had lunch with A yesterday in the rather stylish and cosy Landet, a restaurant where the interior was designed by former students at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), and there were lots of little details that were a feast for the eyes. Afterwards I got taken around Konstfack by A who's studying there. It was fun walking through the white corridors spotting the odd piece of art that students had left around the place. All the students looked like they should be on Facehunter. Fun. 
Happy Friday friends! 


  1. mm! landet har sjukt god mat också! yum

  2. åh, besökte KF o Landet för ett par år sen när G's bror gick där.
    Landet va supermysigt minns jag! Alla de där små lamporna..va på spelning, mkt stämningsfullt.

    Snygga bilder. Kaklet speciellt!

    trevlig helg!

  3. Dina fina bilder tar aldrig slut... :-)

  4. Hi - facehunter is interesting, but have you see the sartorialist http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ ?

  5. fina bilder! kan tänka mig att det är intressant att gå omkring där.. :)

  6. billy: the sartorialist is on my very long links list on the right! it's great isn't it? :)

  7. I - LOVE - THAT - LAMP!!! AND the wall of hooks! we actually got the same sort of thing but there are so many jackets hanging on them that you don't really get the beautiful picture..

    (p.s. is Deness a real word too?? its giving me alot of word like words.. Actually i just remembered this story i heard on npr: Some word verification systems are actually used to check words in books that are being scanned into computer systems -so if the computer does not recognise a word from the scanning it is put in the verification system so that people try to read it and then when enough people typed the same word it is verified in the bookscannings!)


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