Wishful thinking

Right now I wish there were two of me. Or that there were 28 hours in a day.


Flickr clickers

Last week I met up with my flickr friend Charlyn who was in town visiting from Canada. We'd never met before but we, haha, "clicked" instantly. We spent a couple of days together and wandered around Tate Modern and checked out the new Turbine Hall installation amongst other things, had baked goodies at Nordic Bakery, checked out the Hunterian Museum (which Charlyn actually took me to and where sadly no photography was allowed) and the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A (ditto). Oh, and see that Kånken backpack that Charlyn carries? She had four cameras in there. Respect!


Art Park

Oh the irony. After having had a bit of a dry spell with my picture taking, I've since got the bug back but not had any time to sit down and blog. So I gots a bit of a backlog to get through innit. Last Sunday we went to Regent's Park to check out the Frieze Art Sculpture Park. We didn't make it to the actual art fair itself, but hopefully we'll manage next year. Hope you folks have a great weekend!



When the weather's dark and gloomy, go and see a friend; have an indoor picnic, let the children play, and get your camera out. I very rarely manage to take pictures when I meet up with Kerry as our boys always run riot! These pictures might look cosy and calm, but believe me, whilst I was taking these there was unfortunately an awful lot of hair pulling, pushing and snatching going on, mainly from the Oomster. The terrible twos are here, and then some...


The double life

One of perks of the  Diana Mini is that you can take double exposures. I only took three on this roll but on the next one there shall be many more! I wasn't sure how they would come out exposure wise, but I don't think I need to worry too much about it. This is a camera to have fun with and not take too seriously. I love how the last pic is an overlap between two frames. You don't get crazy shit like that with a digital (unless you cheat in Photoshop)! Can't wait to see what the next roll brings...


Square eyes

Since getting into Instagram I've been craving shooting medium format. I've already got a Diana F +, but as there's only one place in London that will do prints, it's been collecting dust on the shelf. However, when I found out that the Diana Mini uses conventional 35mm, well hey, it was pretty obvious what I wanted for my last birthday (let's face it, unless there's a lottery win in the household a Hasselblad won't be coming my way any time soon). These are from the first test roll and I'm pretty happy with the result. They might not be very sharp but that's part of the charm I think. Double exposures from the same roll coming up in the next post!