In transit

I don't usually get the window seat but as the Stockholm to London flight is such a short one I was happy I got to enjoy the most wonderful show of light and shadows. I had such a lovely time in Sweden, it was such a treat to be able to spend some quality time with friends and relatives. It's so important to keep nurturing friendships (and make new ones!), especially when you live far away. It's also nice to come home and be picked up by a smiling husband and get a little nuzzle from my four-legged friend.


  1. Hello Famapa!

    I don't usually do this, but you might want to look at my J°2 site (jozwei.blogspot.com) and marvel at the similarities?
    Happy you got the window! And, yes, nurturing - how right you are.
    Will you be in London for long, may I ask?

    The best for you!

  2. jag förstår precis vad du menar...du illustrerar den känsla av melankoli jag får när jar reser ifrån hemlandet och familj, vänner tillbaka till ens vardag där det finns en väntande andra hälft och allt annat... alltid lika svårt! men man får också det bästa av två världar.

  3. åååh. man får happy-ending-känsla i magen. eftertexterna rullar och man blir lite fjantig i tårkanalerna. :) fin världskarta! OCH TACK IGEN FÖR J och B! :D

  4. Hi Famapa
    Just wanted to leave you a note to tell you that I've tagged you - over on my blog :o)

    I tagged you because what you see through your funny eye is really interesting - everyday things that people just tend not to see. Also the new blog collaboration is great too - really good idea and some great pics emerging too.


  5. beautiful views !!

    last time i took the plain (Paris -> Copenhagen) i took so many pictures of the sunset from above, amazing !!! and then i landed in Cph and met some friends, and one of them erased everything by mistake. :(

    it's also nice to be home and come back to your little nest with your mini family <3

  6. oooh. that last shot is jaw-dropping.

  7. you never forget your camera, fortunately :)

  8. j˚: wow, you spend a lot of time in the air! do you have to fly for your work? I'm in London forever, I celebrate 16 years in this great city next month, and I can't see myself moving anywhere else.

    ebbsingen: visst är det lite melankoliskt... men som du säger, best of both worlds, när man träffar sverige-halvan blir det så meningsfullt och det är så kul att se alla igen, istället för att man tar varandra för givet och inte ses nästan alls!

    emma: jag undrade om jag flög över dig, men min geografi är rätt dålig... glad att J & B hittade hem till dig!

    monda-loves: thanks for the tag and your kind words... I've got to really think about my answers carefully :)

    alice: waaaaaaahhhh, what bad luck! that's such a shame, I hope you'll remember the sunset well in your mind's eye instead, sounds amazing; watching a sunset beneath you :)

    trupeach: thank you! so glad I chose the window facing the sun even though it was quite hot... the light was amazing!

    esti: well, I learnt my lesson from the flight out there... I usually don't take pictures from plane windows as they can be quite dull, but when we flew in to land in gothenburg the light was amazing and the autumn colours were singing. my camera was in my carry-on in the over head compartment. and yes I was pretty annoyed with myself.

  9. What gorgeous shots!
    really beautiful....

    I hope i get to fly some time soon also.

    Thanks for the nice comment!

  10. Oops, sorry, that was my comment..

  11. Hello again,

    Now I get the picture! London is your home, it is nice to have one, isn't it! I know North and Central London, every corner is different..
    I work as an air hostess part time (money has to come from somewhere...).
    All the best!

  12. it´s nice too see friends up here!
    the thought of how little of time we have been able to see this planet above, just few generations, is amazing!

  13. Hi there,
    What a gorgeous blog you have. I have linked in your clouds pics with my blog.
    Very inspiring

  14. michelle: thank you for the link, I'm glad you like the pix!


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