Ray of light

There I go, shooting into the sun again.


A floating eye

Seeing this poppy reminded me that we have to plant some in our garden. But not red ones - ha! I'm not one for hot colours in the garden. Ooooh, get me!


The future

One day I'll be all of these ages (fingers crossed). Such a strange thought. I'm 40 next year. How did that happen?! I'm not freaking out yet though. I wonder if I will?



I like shooting straight into the sun - do you?


The glimpse of summer

Last weekend we timed our weekend away in Wiltshire visiting friends immaculately. After a rather chilly spring, summer suddenly sprung upon us out of nowhere. It felt very unfamiliar but frickin' wonderful. To eat dinner outside and stay out in the garden into the evening are simple pleasures that must be savoured; you never know how long good weather lasts. Anyway, as I was looking through the pictures I took, I liked them better individually more than when they were grouped together. So for next 10 days or so, I'll post one everyday instead. Happy Friday!


¡Mucha Lucha!

The hubby had a job in Mexico recently and he brought back the best souvenirs. Oomoo gave himself the moniker The Chinese Wrestler (I have no idea why) and the hubby, well, he hasn't given himself one. Which might explain why he keeps losing...



Right around the corner from where we were staying in Jordaan, we cycled past this amazing old glasses shop. My friend who lives in the 'hood has never seen it opened. The sign on the entrance says "Usually open from 11am till 6pm. Do not ring the bell before 11am. We will not answer the door, but you will be disturbing us. The Executive Board". Hilarious. Looking at the frames you'd think the shop was last open in the 70's :)