It's a date at the Tate

A friend of mine has come over to visit for a few days so there's been the usual running around town checking out exhibitions, shopping (window shopping for me) and lots of great food. Funny thing is I've become so used to Tate Modern that I didn't even suggest it as a place to go (my friend has never been before) but when we went it blew me away all over again. I love that place.


Green and yellow

I got inspired by all the daffodils that are in bloom all over London.

Get a hit of block colour from Lucy Vigrass' portfolio.


Me, myself & I





Me and my friend Z who lives in Amsterdam like to play photography games. We decide on a date where we agree to take pictures once an hour for a whole day or all the things we eat in a day etc etc, and then send them to each other. I guess it's away of being together even when we're not. On Tuesday we had to take a self-portrait with the self-timer every hour on the hour which was my favourite one we've done so far.

I have to get this when it comes out.


In the 'hood

I've spent far too much time indoors recently so I went for a little walk in my neighbourhood. This winter is draaaaaagging. Enough already!


Packaging all over the world

Whenever we go abroad we always make sure we check out the local supermarket. We've been collecting packaging from all over for a long time and I really enjoy wandering the aisles trying to find something nicely designed or just plain quirky. Here are some of our finds: fake snow spray from Japan (which involved my husband spraying all of it's contents into a plastic bag so it wouldn't explode in our luggage on the flight home - we nearly passed out from all the fumes filling up the hotel room), cute macaroni from Sweden and a toilet roll from Bali. There's also a lot of un-pc packaging out there too, the Darkie toothpaste was a gift brought back from Vietnam in the 1970's and when we went to Thailand a couple of years ago we found the updated version. It's now called Darlie and the man in the logo is no longer a specific colour. The Raga Muffins box (American brand but bought in Sweden) is questionable too but I think it's quite funny.


Life squared

Things look better framed. Happy Easter!



Ever have your lunch in one place and then dessert in another? We swung by Isarn, our regular thai place, where I very much enjoyed the mango with sticky black coconut rice pudding. It's such a lovely dish and it took me right back to Thailand... sigh.


Hello sunshine!

It was so nice to see you again yesterday morning... It's been aaaages. Been anywhere nice? Shame you had to leave so early, we really should hang out more. Promise you'll be back soon, OK? We have lots of catching up to do!


An evening at the Coliseum

Went with my sister to see the New York City Ballet perform last night and brilliant it was too! I don't go to the ballet often but after last night we decided that we should try to go and see a ballet or a play at least three times a year, broaden our horizons I guess. I didn't dare take any pictures during the actual performance but the London Coliseum itself offered some nice views.


These are a few of my favourite things...

... around the house. Perpetual calendar from Tate Modern, a piggy bank, a thrifted cool dude, a shadow box by John Dilnot and a keyfob brought back from Tokyo.