All over the walls

If you head down to King's Cross right now (and until October) you can see a Felice Varini installation (a tip: if you go up on the viewing platform, look out for a nail in the floor - if you're the right height all the lines line up correctly). These pics are from a while back when the weather was still pants. I love how that whole area is changing, even if the new builds are incredibly unimaginative. I'm glad they've kept some of the old architecture around there. Happy weekend yo!


Gold dust

The ceiling roses in Fortnum & Mason are friggin' amazing. I want.


Hanging out with the Canadians

A few weeks back, when summer decided to visit these fair isles, me and Oomoo met up with Celine and her sweet family who were in town. I've known Celine for years through flickr (remember flickr?!) and I just knew that we'd get on in "real" life. It's so nice when that happens! Anyway, we showed them a tiny version of our London, and I'm very much looking forwards to doing it all again one day. Come back soon guys!


Little Mo pic of the week XVIV

Hey there... It's been a hectic few weeks over here again, but it should get a little bit better from now - fingers crossed! London town has been enjoying a heatwave for the past three weeks, which has been faaaaaaab. You won't hear me complaining after the past four years of wash-out summers. Hope you're all well. More soon.


Fair Sunday

So I messed up. I only had my phone to hand when we walked up and down the Hampstead Street Fair last Sunday. BUT! I didn't Instagram these, even though I intended to (hence the portrait framing), so that's good, right?! Now then... I must find that charger for the DSLR... I swear I saw it in a drawer somewhere...

Oh, and before I forget: there's a Vivian Maier documentary on BBCiPlayer for another few weeks (sadly only for UK viewers)! There's also another one being made by John Maloof and you can see the trailer for here. Can't wait for it to come out!