Friday Flashback I

Stockholm 1992

I thought I'd start a series of Friday Flashbacks where I go through my archives (but I won't corner myself into making it a weekly thing, I'll do it on a Friday here and there). This here is my half-sister H and I took this back in 1992. I think I've only ever shot about six rolls of black & white ever; I see the world in colour and it's just not my bag, baby! So what can I remember from this time... well, I was 16, I had left school and was working as a music journalist and I already took a lot of pictures. From this pic I can see that I still had the same bed I'd had since I was eight, that the James Dean posters were no longer on my walls and that my half-sister had a wicked afro. Have a great weekend friends!


Not so recent randoms

I don't seem to use my digital compact that much any more; these are from January and onwards - I only downloaded them the other day! I guess sometimes newer isn't better; I think I prefer my old Ixus 70 to the Ixus 980. What's that? You've fallen asleep reading this? Well, maybe this ad will make up for it; I giggle everytime I see it (and yes - it's very creepy). Laters!


Looking to the West

Half-way through brushing my teeth last night I had to go grab my camera; I think the volcanic ash cloud over Iceland might have helped making the sunset something extra special.


In bloom

The rose garden in Regent's Park is in full bloom and boy is it beautiful... Have a great weekend!



Spent Saturday down at Southbank with the Oomster, my sis and my camera. As you can see we had a really nice (and tasty) time... Happy Wednesday!



He's 18 months today and he loves (in no particular order) looking out the window, chicken noodles, his dada, his cousin, Little Mo, cars and buses, the playground, playing with my hair, Sagan om den lilla lilla gumman by Elsa Beskow, Free At Last by Al Green and me.


Les flaneurs

Gaaaah! Blogger has been playing up for the past 24 hours and as a result this post got deleted (not by me!). Sadly your comments were deleted too :(
I can't remember exactly what I wrote here yesterday, but it was something along the lines of: Went for a walk around Kenwood the other day with my boys. In the days before Oomoo I struggled to get the hubby to come with me, but now it's part of our daily routine :)


A few lines

Without knowing it I've been collecting lines over the past few weeks. Happy Friday!

Two blogs I like:



A random mix from the archives today - all from different trips in 2008; Stockholm, the Dolomites and Gothenburg (that's Sandra in the last picture). It's grey and drizzly in London today - after the April we've just had it feels very unfamiliar!



I meant to post these last week; I was half-way through sorting them out when Oomoo woke up from his nap, and before I knew it four days had passed! Jeez. Anyway, these are Instagrams from that same weekend away in Wiltshire. I'm finding that I'm not taking as many Instagrams as I used to, the novelty has worn off a bit I guess. Unfortunately I'm not really taking pictures with any of my cameras either at the moment, so I don't have much to blog :(