It's here!

I was all over the place mentally yesterday and as a result I had completely forgotten to take any pictures. In the evening I went to pick up the hubby from the train station and when we got back he opened a package that had arrived for him in the morning. "Your blog is saved!!" he said. "What do you mean?" was my reply. And then he pulled this book out. I was jumping and whooping on the spot, we ordered the book back in March and I had completely forgotten about it. Here's a peek inside and here's the footage of it in full action again. You can also get it from here. It's called ABC 3D and it's by Marion Bataille, now go get it!


Oh joy!

Had such a lovely and relaxed weekend... Went round to my sister's on Saturday to say hello to her new kitten Min. Isn't he cute? The warm weather made me and the hubby go for a walk in the park yesterday, where a squirrel said hello to us, and then I dropped the hubby off at the train station where the light played beautifully amongst the buildings. What did you get up to?


Good things come to those who wait

The high pressure is still here and it's wonderful. Thank you autumn for redeeming the joke of a summer we had this year... Went for a stroll in Regent's Park and there were so many of us taking our cameras out for a walk. I would love to see everyone else's pictures, what did they see that I didn't and vice versa? Hope the sun shines on you wherever you may be this weekend!


Hanging about

These hang on our kitchen cabinets and the top two make a lovely little bell sound when you open the doors. The girl hangs on the cupboard with our ridiculously huge tea collection in it, so whenever she chimes it's tea time!


On a Wednesday

My sis has a cup of wake-me-up before we head to the V&A,
then my camera has it's picture taken,

we have a look at this really cool John Galliano wedding-ensemble,

then keep warm with cups of milky tea,

and on the walk home from my piano lesson I spot this wonderful door. 

This is the exhibition we went to see, it was pretty blah... Made us both want some new trainers (sneakers) though. Anyone seen any nice ones recently?

{on a wednesday} - a flickr group


Two good things...

... both of which involved the front door. At 7am (!) the doorbell rang and Mr Postman delivered my long-awaited Padraig slippers. I'm addicted to slippers (ha! I'm getting old!), I go through about three pairs a year (I even wear them in summer) and I think these should last me a loooong time. It was like walking on warm little clouds all day. Later in the morning I got a surprise visit from my friend N who joined me for a late breakfast. I reckon spontaneity is a great personality trait. Go do something spontaneous today, it's good for the soul!



The bike-ride on Sunday wiped me out. I think we cycled about 18 miles (28 km) and I am beat. All I wanted to do all day was to take a nap but somehow I never got round to it. I had Little Mo envy. That girl naps. A lot. But then she's a cat. That's her job. Got to see a pretty tree on my short walk to the shops though. She didn't. I win.


Hello again!

Today is Monday right? So that means I have some exciting news to share with you! Inspired by Stephanie's and Mav's brilliant 3191 project, me and Sandra start a joint blog today, how we say hello, where we both upload a picture every weekday without knowing what the other has posted for that same day. Each week one of us will choose a theme that we have to stick to and it'll be very exciting to see how our images pair up. So go have a look and feel free to say hello!

Fun in the sun

The last couple of days have been so sunny that I've hardly been indoors all weekend! On Saturday we baby-sat the niece and the nephew so we took them to Fenton House, where we played in the lovely and practically empty garden. On Sunday we got on our bikes and joined the London Freewheel event where parts of central London were sealed off from traffic. Thousands of cyclists got roam the streets unhindered. We went last year and it was a magical experience but it was way too crowded this year. Still, I'm always happy to get to ride Margot so I shan't complain too much!


Happy days

The weather has been lovely for the past few days lifting everyone's spirits, and I thought these guys sum up my mood pretty well right now. It seems like a smile is never that far away... I also have some exciting news to share with you on Monday but for now I wish you all a happy weekend!


A great recommendation

I know you guys already know this, but reading blogs can spur you on to do things you might not normally do or lead you to hidden treasures that you never would have found otherwise. A few days ago I read this post on fanja's blog and thought "Hmmm, maybe I should go and check the Victor & Rolf exhibition out after all..." and I'm so glad we did (my sis came too). It was amazing! I really didn't know that much about them but I'm a huge fan of theirs now. Unfortunately I couldn't sneak any pictures from inside so I'm afraid you'll have to do with these instead. There are some pictures on the exhibition link above where it says "view images". Have a looksey!


Outtakes I

Going through my pictures I realised there are loads of photos that for one reason or another don't make it into a post, so I thought I'd group them together and give them another chance.

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