Home away from home

Hej! How are you? We came back from a week away in Stockholm a few days ago; it was great to see my family again and for Oomoo to reacquaint himself with everyone. I took such random pictures whilst we were there and I'm not really sure how I'll group them... Anyway, I thought I'd start with these. They're little details from my godfather's flat which is crammed full of weird and wonderful things. See that orange porcelain cat? When I was a kid there was a neighbour in the apartment block opposite who had a cat, and I'd pretend the orange cat was a real cat by holding it in my arms and stroking it. Somehow I don't think I fooled anyone.


Fairground Attraction

The steam fair came to our 'hood last weekend, and boy was it good looking. Me and Kerry took the kids down as soon as it opened, but there wasn't much we could do but wander round with our toddlers in tow. Like the camera nerd I am, I went down the day after to take some more pictures. The arcade was my favourite part, but stupidly I didn't have a go on any of the machines or go on a ride. Sometimes that damn camera stops you from part-taking!

If you're in London over the next month there's one exhibition you can't miss: Vivian Maier at the German Gymnasium. We're going down next week and I can't wait to see it.


That's science!

We took Oomoo down to the Science Museum a few weeks ago; one of many excursions we've been on lately. As a kid I loved days out and now I get to do it all over again - score! Have a great weekend kids!