It takes Kew to make a thing go right

London is sweltering at the moment and yesterday we went for a picnic Kew Gardens, where I took these. We had a wander on the swaying treetop walk - not for the faint hearted! Happy Monday!


Friday Flashback II

How did it get to be Friday already?! So, here's another blast from my past, and whaddyaknow, it's another b&w picture - of another sister! I took this in 1991 in the south of France, where said sister and my mum lived at the time. I would go and visit them for a couple of months every summer as a teenager, and enjoy long hot summers - the kind that just don't exist here. We would spend our days by/in the pool (what a life, eh?!) and on this particular day my sis saved some butterflies who'd gone for a swim, but then couldn't get out. I wish I could have filmed what happened after I took this picture; once they'd dried their wings, resting on her hands, they took off, circled around her a few times (saying thank you?) and then flew off. Such a great moment... sigh. Hope you have a lovely weekend mes amies!


Yellow fever

Some more Pentax pics; see what I mean about the yellow? Anyway, we had our good friend Z come and visit us for a few days when I shot these and amongst all the good food (sorry, no food pics - too hungry at the time!) we went to see the Taryn Simon exhibition at Tate Modern (see middle pic). If you're in town and feel very alert (it's a lot to take in) you must go and see it. Impressive stuff.


Pentax to the max

I don't know about you guys, but when it comes to xmas shopping I always end up getting myself something too. Well, last xmas I started checking eBay for a Pentax MX (seeing Sandra's film pics I knew I had to get my hands on one) and eventually won an auction (oh the adrenaline!). However, one of the drawbacks of having several cameras is that it's easy to let one sit on the shelf collecting dust - even if you've just got it. So when I couldn't shoot digi last week (see previous post) I knew what had to be done. I used a roll of Ferrania Solaris 200 which came out really yellow (lab's fault? the camera's? expired film? I didn't have the box for it) which I think is a shame. Anyway, these shots are from Busaba Eathai, Tate Modern and the Rose Garden in Regent's Park. I didn't mean to catch the couple in the first picture in such a private moment but they just happened to kiss when I got the focus and the exposure right :)



And just like that, almost two weeks have passed since my last post. My hard drive was full so I couldn't download anything off my digis, hence the quiet here. The good news is that as a result I took my Pentax MX out for a spin instead, so I'll have some film pics to share soon. Hope you're all well!