Lomo Flashback I

Found a big box of old photos the other day and I thought I might as well post some of them. I think these are from 1999, in the days when my Lomo LC-A was my everyday camera and I was really into cross-processing film. In other words there's A LOT of blurry and weird pictures from that time! But it's still fun to go through them...

Keep meaning to link to The Seventy Tree blog, I've been addicted to it for the past week or so. I think you'll like it too!



The temperature dropped by ten degrees over the weekend - so I guess it's time for some warm headgear, haha!


In the secret garden

Last Sunday we went for a lovely Sunday lunch and then had to seriously walk/play off the excess. So off we went the beautiful and quiet hidden garden off the Inner Circle in Regent's Park, where the kids and the adults could digest the food in a less than sedate manner. All I managed was to press the button on the camera and let the others do all the hard work :)

White Knuckles by Ok Go. These guys have no competition when it comes to making great pop promos... And the dogs - holy moly! Happy Friday!


Down the tube

If you go to Stockholm and you get the chance, make sure you go on the Blue Line branch of the Underground. It's stations are so deep down and so wonderfully weird that it's worth checking out. Here are some examples:

Weird huh?!


Orange and pink

Some more Lomo shots from Sthlm. Thank you for your comments on the previous post! I'll post two more tomorrow and end the Stockholm trip and the week with maybe one or two final posts from there. Hope you're having a nice Wednesday!



I turned 35 in my hometown. There wasn't the usual crayfish-do but we did celebrate with lunch at East (first two pics) and then meeting up with the family at my godfather's. I think it was the first time I really didn't feel anything on my birthday; it was just like any another day. However, I can't believe I'm 35 already; I've always been the baby amongst my friends and now I'm in my mid-thirties. And you know what? I love it!


Light matters

I didn't mean for there to be a break in the Stockholm posts but this week has been one of those weeks... As you already know I love light, whether it be natural or a nice looking lamp so here's a little Swedish selection. Next week I'll post my Lomo pics from the trip. Have a great weekend people!

In case you haven't seen the new Ikea ad; here it is - enjoy!


A little red

We rented a beautiful little flat right in the centre of Stockholm and I would have loved to have shot it properly but I didn't know the person we rented it from, so I didn't dare. A home is one's castle after all! It had the right balance of new and old and even though it was small, the furniture and objects in it had room to breathe. It inspired me to seriously de-clutter our home... but it'll probably take me until the end of the year!

Even though this is not my usual style I love this apartment; I guess I don't mind clutter - as long as it is someone else's :)


Letters from Stockholm

I was lucky enough to catch the Ed Ruscha exhibition at Moderna Museet; I'd missed it in London at the end of last year and so was welldy pleased when I saw it was on in Stockholm. You're allowed to take pictures at Moderna now so I didn't have to sneak these - which makes a nice change!


Random details

As I was taking pictures around Stockholm I realised that I never took any wide shots, something I don't really do in general. It's the little details that I find interesting, honing in the eye on the graphic in everyday life. Editing out the "noise" as it were. Not wanting to sound cheesy or anything but I also think it's a good life philosophy; paying attention to the little things like a good cup of tea, sunlight hitting a wall just so, stopping and listening to birdsong or like I did yesterday; waving back to a bus full of school kids. There, that's my cheese for the day - now have yourselves a Happy Friday!


Top Shop

Right around the corner from where we were staying we came across the gorgeous shop Mor Karin. If I had unlimited funds I would have bought the whole shop; there were so many nice things for kids there (and for kidults too I guess!). It was also great to see Sandra's, Emma's & Elisabeth's work for sale there - I like it when the world feels small :)



One of my must-go-to places in Stockholm is Rosendals Trädgård; I love spending an afternoon there at a table under an apple tree enjoying a fika. When we went this time the light was amazing, the whole place had that beautiful backlit look that was just begging to be photographed. I kept thinking "I'll take some pictures as we leave" but I left it too long, the light had gone by the time I was ready. You snooze you lose! These don't do the place justice but you'll have to take my word for it. If you find yourself in town do go, they're open all year round and it's apparently really cosy in winter too!