Fade to grey

These three and the three from yesterday's post had to be broken up; it's a colour thing innit! Have a lovely weekend!


Alphabet Street

Years ago my godfather gave me a couple of his analogue cameras (you can see pics from the Canon Ftb here) and I've always used the older of the two. A few weeks ago I thought I'd give the Canon F1N a go, even though it probably needed a service and a good clean; it'd been kept in a camera bag unused and unloved for more than a decade. However, before sending it off for a costly spa treatment I put a roll of film in it to see how it worked and what do you know - it's in great shape! These "letters" are from my 'hood; there'll be three more to follow tomorrow (you'll see why I posted them separately).
Happy Friday and here's a little (ha!) Prince to get the party started :)



Fun in the summer sun! It's been cloudy for days here now but I ain't complaining... I loves it.


U can touch this

The little grabber in action. I think there's a series to be made of these - like this one.


Blue is the night

If I time it right I can watch dramatic evening skies from the spare room window as I brush my teeth. It's one of my favourite times of the day, a quiet moment of dental hygiene before I meet up with my book and finally drift off to sleep. This was a particularly hot night in June.


Catch up

I'm on a mission this week. I have quite a backlog of pictures again (these are from the 30th of June for chrissakes) and I have to make sure I clear them all so I can enjoy (time allowing) the challenge of taking pictures everyday again. So I'm starting with these; some randoms from our 'hood. See that toy dog in the first picture? I wish there had been something next to it so you would have gotten the idea of the scale of it - huuuuge! I can't say I was surprised to see that he was being thrown away; somewhere some poor child is going to be haunted by dogs in tartan dungarees for the rest of his/her life...

Oh, and as it's Monday I thought I'd share a really stupid youTube moment. I'd love to turn these into a regular feature, so if you want to contribute with links of stuff that makes you laugh, e-mail me them and I'll post them here on a Monday morning. Cheers!


Little Mo pic of the week VI

Holy Moly, I didn't think it would be a week before I'd have the time to post something here again... me thinks I need an assistant! It's been a hectic week but I'm hoping things will settle down a bit in the coming week. It's one thing to want to take a "blogoliday" and quite another to have it forced upon you. If only there was a quicker way of actually posting (if you have any tips please share)! Anyway, here's a pic of a certain someone who has all the time in the world... lucky gal. Have a great weekend gang!


Surreal Saturday

We're going to see the Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican today so I thought these were somehow fitting pictures... What are your plans for this July weekend? Whatever you do, have a great one!


Fourteen on the Fourteenth

The hubby and I turned 14 yesterday! So we went for lunch at the Bull and Last (the steak tartare was mine - yuuum!) and then walked up Highgate Hill to High Tea in Highgate for some afternoon tea. Oomoo turned eight months too so all in all it was a pretty special day. And it rained! Yay! I know I know, I'm a spoilsport and apologies to fellow Londoners who are craving for the heat to return :)


In the country

Goodness me! I'm seriously struggling with having any time left over in the day for this space. Oomoo is now crawling and pulling himself up to standing (albeit holding on to things) which means that you have to watch him constantly. Also with the hot weather that we've been having the nights have been unbearable (+29 C - 84F - in his room) so I now find myself having zero energy. Anyway, these pics are from our weekend away last week. It's been years since I've picked wild strawberries - I forgot how delicious they are - so I was very chuffed when we found some on one of our walks. I'm not very good at nature pics so here's a few details from inside the house. Happy Tuesday!


On film

Hello yous! What did you get up to this weekend? We ventured west to the Cotswolds for a lovely weekend away, but I haven't had the chance to download the pictures off my camera yet. Here are some random recent film shots in the mean time. Happy Monday!