Me x 4

Looking back at myself - my old selfie flickr set. Have a good weekend peeps!


In the deep

We didn't mean to, but we ended up going to the London Aquarium on Oomoo's birthday too - again! None of us minded though :)



Oomoo's 3rd birthday was a perfect day; the sun decided to come out and we took him and Nana on the London Eye - and the city looked pretty damn good. More pics to come. Happy Weekend!


Into hyper speed

Just popping in briefly to say hello... This week is going to be crazy busy, not only does a certain little man turn three (with a party to go with it), but I'm also going to try and catch up with five weeks worth of Japanese lessons (somehow evening lessons and being a mum doesn't work - why am I surprised?!). Hope you have a good week friends - I will be back!


Settling in

In our old house there was one staircase with 15 steps and at my father-in-law's there are three staircases with 19 each. In our old place we got to see sunsets and here we get to see sunrises. The light in our old house was brilliant and here it's amazing. And I guess one sees pigeons wherever you are in London :)


The seven year itch

So, the big change that was going on behind the scenes here during the summer was that we decided it was time to move on - from our house. It wasn't a move that I had anticipated when we bought the place, so it took quite a while to get my head round it, but never the less it was time for something new. Buying and selling property in the UK can be a ridiculously slow process, and this move has been no different. The sale of our house went on for about three months and then - bang - we had four days to pack up the house and get out (not so easy with a toddler I tell you). We've found a new house that we're buying, but of course nothing here is straight forward and so I doubt we'll be moved in until early next year. In the meantime we're staying at my father-in-law's which is great. Seeing our house without our stuff in it made me realise that it's not a house that makes a home, it's the people and what they put in there that does. I'm very excited by the prospect of being able to decorate and trying new things out again. We spent seven years and eight months in our "old" place and in the end it was just the right amount time. So long old house and keep well!