We. Have. No. Internet. And. Won't. Until. The. End. Of. Next. Week. If. We're. Lucky. Geeeeez.
So the blog is at a stand-still until we get connected again. Hope you have a great week!


A birthday

Pressies that arrived with the mail man, my little bed fellow, breakfast in bed, some more pressies and a lovely dinner with friends in the evening. Annoyingly I left my DSLR at home for the latter but you get the gist.
T'was a good day!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes!


So long 33, greetings 34!

33 was very good to me, but I have a feeling 34 will be a vintage year (my first as a mum - eeeek!). I don't know about you but I usually get myself something for my birthday (do you?) and Asmara Dream was just the ticket this year. It's a beautiful book full of Polaroids by Marco Barbon. Eritrea used to be an Italian colony and lots of Fascist Architecture still lives on in the capital Asmara. The pictures were all taken in the past couple of years and it still looks like a modernist, well... dream.

And yes, the top photo is of me when I was two... can you tell I was (and still am, I guess) a tomboy?
Thank you Mum for not making me wear pink frilly dresses ;)


At Alfies

Finally made it down to Alfies Antique Market on Wednesday. I've been wanting to go there since forever but I just never got round to it. It certainly was the treasure trove I thought it was, but unless you're made of money there was nothing to buy. It where you go to shop if you're Noel Gallagher or Kate Moss. I also wanted to take more pictures but was told off numerous times... Still, it was fun to wander around dreaming! 
Happy Friday peeps!


Sneaky sneaky

My favourite way of taking pictures is when you spot something and you have to be super-quick to capture it. The will-I-get-the-camera-out-in-time, will-it-be-in-focus and will-they-see-me-moment where luck is crucial. These are three of my favourites where speed was of the essence. They're pretty old too, I shot these back in the day when my Lomo was my camera of choice in the mid-Nineties. I must get some new batteries for it, I'm so up for the challenge of that crazy little camera again.


The End

Most people watch and enjoy the actual film (I do too of course), but I'm always anticipating the end, hoping there'll be a nice "The End" frame. I love the surprise and how varied they can be and I think it might be the only thing I collect. This website is a real treat for nerds like me, it has both the title and the end frames. There are so many good ones!

Also, thanks to Marion's post on L'inventaire de l'esthétique (which is one of my favourite blogs these days), this book is on it's way over here. Can't wait!


Make believe

How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxed; an impromptu lunch date, a tiny bit of retail therapy, cup cakes, the weekend papers, another Hitchcock DVD and the early return of a travelling hubby. Me and the nephew also saw a giant dog panting away in the driver's seat of a badly parked van in town. Me thinks maybe he parked it himself?



I wish I could think of a funny caption to go with this picture but I can't; so I'll just say Happy Friday friends, hope you have a good one!


Everyday patterns

The hoover lead, a pot I cooked some rice in, our mattress and the corridor. I love everyday surprises.

A beautiful blog:
I wish I understood German...


Beautiful laundrette

On our way home from dinner the other night we passed by the local laundrette just as the sun was setting. My heart sang as I saw the forgotten pair of specs taped up in the window like that; someone somewhere must be missing their rose-tinted glasses :)


Outtakes X

Voici some outtakes from our France-trip a month ago, it feels so much longer ago...
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Ozu interiors

Please excuse the poor quality of these pics, I've just realised I should have done screengrabs instead, but nevermind. It's all about the colours anyway. Aren't they just amazing? I'm a huge fan of Yasujiro Ozu's films, especially the ones he shot in colour. These are from Floating Weeds and I love how Ozu will leave incidental interior shots in, just as a beautiful vignette. I also feel if I was to redecorate I should be a bit more bold with my colour choices.

Two Japan themed blogs I've been enjoying recently: