In the right order

This was my Thursday, in order of pictures taken. We started the day by celebrating my sister's boyfriend's birthday with dim sum and cakes at Yauatcha. All that food called for a walk so we wandered down Argyll Street onto Regent Street and continued onto Cork Street where we got a sneak peek of a Julian Opie exhibition being hung in one of the galleries. We ended our stroll at the Burlington Arcade and did some silly window shopping (as if I'd ever buy a vintage Rolex!) and on my bike ride home the light was perfection so I had to make a stop in Regent's Park and admire a wonderful tree. Nice afternoon indeed.

P.S. I want to say a general thank you and welcome to all the new peeps that have left comments on this blog. I'm so happy you've found your way here to my little space and I really appreciate your very kind words. Happy Friday friends, old and new!


  1. vilket kalajs!
    först trodde jag det va 3 kokta ägg som låg på fatet, haha! :D trevli helj!

  2. Every picture is so subtle... I like the gig posters on the wall, with all the different colors, so well lined up... and the picture of the man with his hand against the wall at the Opie's exhibit... that made me smile... so much to the point :)

  3. oh my, yummy cakes !!! you make me miss french pastry !
    i also love looking up at trees all the time, it's so beautiful and complex :)

  4. Yes, the makings of a fine day spent in good company.

    Happy weekend to you, g


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