Time warp

It's been grey and miserable for a loooong time here in London so when the sun shone the day before yesterday me and Oomoo went out for a walk in the 'hood. He was happily asleep for all of it so I got to go hunting with the camera. I felt like I was travelling back in time; finding little pockets where time stands still never ceases to excite me and it's even better to find them right on our doorstep...


Why hello again!

Thank you for your comments over the past couple of weeks! I really needed a break from the computer; there just aren't enough hours in the day now as you can imagine. I had high hopes of ticking off a few things I needed/wanted to do but I didn't manage all of it. But then who's in a rush? Actually when it comes to blogging I am bit, and these days it's painfully slow as my hard drive is rammed and I simply can't blog from my usual computer. Hence some iPhone pics through the Hipstamatic app, I got a bit frustrated with it yesterday as the framing is way off what you see through the "viewfinder" but then that's what you get from real toy cameras! I hope to get my act together in the next few days and empty my computer so I can get back to regular posting this week. Happy Tuesday!



I'm taking a break from the blog for a little while but I shall leave you with twelve outtakes from last year, one pic from each month for the next twelve days. Have a great couple of weeks friends!


Before the goodbye

The snow is on it's way elsewhere; it was fun whilst it lasted but the time has come for us to go our separate ways. Bye for now my friend - until the next time!


In the morning

There's three of us at the breakfast table these days. I loves it. Happy Friday!


Winter in the 'hood

The snow is back, yihoo!! Except it's a double edged sword in this country; it's both lovely and a pain as almost everything grinds to a halt. The sun is shining beautifully today and I've got to hurry to make it out before it's too late!

Lisa Congdon has started a brilliant new blog: A collection a day. Go check right away!



Same building, different flats. I wish I could've taken more of them but these will have to do for now...

Recent flickr faves:


The first walk of the decade

We went for a very cold walk on New Year's Day; I love this kind of winter weather when it's sunny and freezing - as long as you're dressed warmly enough. We walked around Primrose Hill and got terribly exited (young and old) when we spotted a woman making the biggest bubbles we've ever seen, aren't they great?