Tate Tuesday

A few days ago I saw some pictures from the Cildo Meireles exhibition on a blog somewhere. When I showed them to the hubby he suggested that we go down to Tate Modern to have a look for ourselves. This never happens, as one of the things he can't stand is being dragged around certain types of exhibitions. I have learnt over the years that this is something I should do on my own or with other people, so you can understand how pleased I was that he wanted to come with me. Within two seconds of stepping into the exhibition I realised that we'd made a huge mistake! Conceptual art practically sums up everything that my man hates about art, and I'm not a huge fan of it either. We must have zoomed through it in 20 minutes, but I still had fun sneaking out the new Ixus and putting it through its paces. Funnily enough seeing three guys by the escalators and snapping St Paul's being beamed up (spotted by the hubby) was far more rewarding than what we actually went down there for :)

OK OK, enough rambling for today and more importantly:

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I really want to say thank you for all your words of kindness and encouragement throughout the year. It's been so nice to "meet" you in this space. I had no idea how fun blogging was until I had a go myself! Hope you have a great evening and that 2009 will be a good vintage for us all. Cheers!


In need of a re-boot

Every other day I feel utterly exhausted. Over the past week I've gotten into the bad habit of going to bed late and waking up late (I mean 11.45 am-late, that's teenager time for chrissakes!). We had every intention of getting out of the house yesterday but I just couldn't wake up enough. I'm setting the alarm from now on, this has to stop! Anyway, as you can see in these pictures the table is now wearing a xmas present, the three (!) of us received a lovely package containing wrist-worms and sweets (all gone already) from the lovely Sandra and for the rest of the afternoon we hardly moved from the living room at all.


One chilly afternoon

Oh my goodness it's cold at the moment! Still, best to wrap up and head out I say... Checked out a tiny bit of the sales but couldn't really be bothered, so we met up with the in-laws instead. Watched the nephew whizzing around Pall Mall on his bike which made me miss Margot something terrible. And what's that camera in the last picture you may ask? Well, Santa picked up on me hankering after one and decided to surprise me, big time. Can't wait to have fun with this little baby! Thanks Santa ;)


Christmas Day our way

The day started as it does every year with me and the hubby in bed doing alternate lucky dips into the stocking (from my mother-in-law). Then we made our way over to said stocking provider for brunch which was followed by the opening of the gifts. We then watched a bit of "Walking with dinosaurs" (the nephew is seriously into dinosaurs right now) and then sat down for our xmas dinner. This year it was sensibly broken up in stages, so in between the turkey and the christmas pudding we had a little piano recital (me, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and the nephew all started learning the piano this summer). We all messed up a bit but it was good fun. Finally the hubby did the usual honours of setting the pudding alight. 
A lovely day all in all!


Christmas Eve...

... went something like this:

1. A table laid for 20. 
2. Four peking duck pancakes made their way into my belly.
3. One of the goldfish was not amused.
4. The nephew became a tickling T- Rex under the table.
5. We pulled crackers and wore huge paper crowns.

Today will be a day spent with my in-laws including brunch, the opening of presents, the sneaky little nap in an armchair, a bit of knitting and finally the roast turkey dinner (possibly followed by indigestion). For those of you who celebrate today, have a wonderful day!!


Walking in a winter wonderland

Me, the hubby, the nephew and my brother-in-law went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park yesterday and boy was it fun! We went down giant slides, went up a ferris wheel and giggled our way through the House of Fun. I hate to say it but it was terribly funny watching kids bump their heads in the mirror maze as they tried to find their way out. They kept forgetting to feel their way through using their hands rather than their heads but luckily no one got hurt. I want to go back when it's dark, all the lights would be even prettier then! 

Hope you have had a cosy xmas eve! We're off now to my mother-in-law's for the traditional Christmas Eve peking duck that she cooks every year, yuuuuum! And so the feasting has begun!


It's a wrap

I'm rubbish at wrapping gifts but luckily the hubby enjoys it so yesterday he wrapped whilst I quickly finished knitting one of my xmas presents. We also enjoyed the sounds of the analogue and were pretty happy that we'd managed to buy enough wrapping paper. I'll be posting sporadically over the holidays and for those of you who might not be stopping by here over the next few days: Happy Holidays, hope you all have a lovely time 
wherever you are!

We're having a break over the holidays on how we say hello but we've left you a special message :)


Soho far, Soho good

Spent the last couple of days hopping on the scooter and riding in to Soho where there were lots of pretty decorations to look at, be they grand or homemade. Yesterday we had our yearly pre-xmas lunch with my mother-in-law and there really aren't many better places to go for a culinary treat than to Yauatcha for some dim-sum and cakes. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


5 things I love everyday

I was tagged by Sandra so here are my five daily loves:

1. Kind of a given... the hubby of course :)
2. Having Little Mo jump up on the bed and join me at bedtime
3. Having fun with my camera
4. Practicing on the piano
5. My bedtime read (currently "The six wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir)

I tag: Fanny, Alice, Flora D, Fliss & Outi
Happy snappy Friday y'all!