My Friday morning

I've just had a wonderfully long and drawn out breakfast on my lonesome. The hubby is in Paris just for the day (for work) and Little Mo has been busy sunbathing in the bedroom. It looks like it's going to be a fine summer's day and what better way to start than with a bit of surfing, a bit of Barry Humphries' Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 and the background noise of birds twittering in our garden. Now if you excuse me, I have to iron my summer wardrobe, I'll be needing it right about now :) Happy Friday peeps!


Bills bills bills II

Remember this post from last year? Well, since then I've been stockpiling more envelopes and it's about time I posted some of them. I like how most of them look like 1950's and 6o's patterns, but I've also added a couple contemporary ones; 
they kinda stand out don't you think?

Update: I keep losing the link to this flickr set of envelopes but someone kindly sent it in one of the comments. I reckon someone has to make a book about them! Seriously.


Funny face

Let's start this week with a laugh or two!



I had yesterday all planned out. I was going to the Barbican to see the Le Corbusier exhibition (the last day is Sunday, but I don't fancy going at the weekend) whilst the hubby baby sat the niece. Yet as soon as she arrived in the morning I knew I'd have more fun hanging out with them. I mean, it's not everyday you get to have a cat join you at your picnic table now is it? Have a great weekend folks!


At a wedding last week I saw...

... a chu chu train with a very excited passenger aboard,

a sun and a moon,

2 & 1/2 pairs of feet and 2 pairs of toes,

a rather strange looking man

and a little fellow/lady enjoying his/her dinner al fresco. I don't think I'd be a very good wedding photographer, do you?



Dear friends, we need your help! We're about to re-carpet our hallway and are completely stumped as to which colour it should be. It seemed so easy in the shop, we'd get a grey carpet to go with the walls but once we got the samples home we became very uncertain. I would love to have a really colourful carpet; petrol blue, turquoise, yellow or a deep pink but couldn't find a carpet the right shade. The hubby is now keen on black which I find a bit scary. We both hate the colour it is now and will be so happy to see it go! My man also suggested having the stairs in a contrasting colour which could be fun... Anyway, I'm rambling. We didn't bring back a black carpet sample so you'll have to do with some black paper. So... out of these three, which one do you prefer? Your thoughts will be much appreciated!



Spent the weekend eating and hanging out with friends & family, and for once I remembered to actually take some pictures. Hmmm, that picture of all the cold-cuts is making me hungry right now... and I've just had some tea and biscuits! I guess what I'm lacking in the energy department I make up for with my appetite department :)


The last few days

1. Got a lovely package (including a maternity dress I forgot to photograph - doh!) from the lovely Hannah, we did a little swap but Hannah's package put mine to shame :) 
2. Little Mo started a ballet class.
3. A little bit of bird watching at breakfast.
4. Healthy lunches at home.
5. It was the hubby's birthday on Saturday. His mum's sponge cake was so gooooooooood!


Outtakes IX

First of all I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your lovely comments on the previous post! I'm really overwhelmed by your response and if I could I'd give you all a hug :) Secondly, as I'm struggling to pick up my camera, which is very much connected to me not having the energy to leave the house, I'm yet again doing a lucky dip into my photo library. These are all from my Stockholm trip last October, I'm not sure I'll get the chance to go to back there before November, but there's always next year, this time with the bubba in tow!


My excuse

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed quite a bit of inactivity here recently... Well, the reason why I have been so slack over the past month is because I've been busy growing a little person inside of me! Luckily I've been spared morning sickness but I've been struck down badly with fatigue and nausea, so it's been difficult to keep up appearances here. I'm hoping I'll regain my energy soon, I've been pretty much housebound for the past few weeks and I'm going a bit stir-crazy. The hubby, I and Little Mo will be joined by the little bubba in the beginning of November and I have a feeling the next six months will fly by. I can't wait!


Colour therapy

I think Brick Lane has to be the most colourful neighbourhood in London. It's always a joy to take the camera for a walk around there and yesterday was no different. 
Have a wonderful weekend!