Summer's last hurrah

"It's just a warm spell" is what the meteorologists called it on the radio this morning. Apparently an Indian summer is only called so if it happens in mid-October/November. I don't care what you calls it, I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. As the meteorologists went on to say; "Make the most of it, it'll be six months before we can expect weather like this again". Word.


A Sunday walk

We escaped to the countryside this weekend and it was goooooood. Although it's sad when friends move away, it's bloody brilliant to go and visit them :)


An afternoon with

Why hello there! I've finally managed to shake of my weird cold (felt really dizzy for over a week!). Thank you for your well-wishes innit. Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Claire who's in town for a few days, and we went to check out the Serpentine Pavillion in Hyde Park. It was such a peaceful place to sit and catch up. Hope you folks have great weekend!


Tiny little tiles

Thank you so much for your comments on the previous post - you guys are so nice! I'm down with a cold (here we go again) and not really taking pictures, so here are a couple of old ones from the summer. Hope you have a good week!


I'm a Lomo sapien

Man, I loves that camera. It's got bits of duct tape holding it together in one corner and the inside seal is going bald, but it's been a brilliant companion for the past 14 years. Sure, there's usually only a handful of good pictures on each roll, but that's part of the charm; the randomness of it all. I must use it more... Hope you peeps have a lovely weekend!


Welcome to the house of fun

When the weather is pants (like today) museums are a good place to take cover. We took Oomoo to the Museum of Childhood a couple of weeks ago and he had a whale of a time. If only I could think of something fun for us to do today too!


Seven sunsets

22/8 8.20pm
23/8 8.42pm

24/8 8.20pm

25/8 8.30pm

26/8 8.18pm

27/8 8.17pm

29/8 8.23pm

The sun and Oomoo go down around the same time these days, so I took a picture of the sky every day last week once the boy had fallen asleep. My fave is sunset number five :)