His room

It's been fun decorating Oomoo's room (yes - he's already got a nickname!). I had grand ideas of filling it with vintage furniture but I didn't get anywhere with it, we just didn't have the energy to hunt stuff down in the end. I'm sure we can replace the Ikea stuff eventually but for now this will do nicely. He's sleeping in our bedroom now anyway and will do for the next six months so this is "just" a very fancy nappy changing room at the moment :) Happy new week to you all!


17 & 17

Today marks a very special anniversary; I moved here 17 years ago today aged 17, which means I've spent half of my life in Stockholm and half in London. This city has changed so much since then, the main difference being that in '92, unless you were loaded there was nowhere you could go for decent food! And London was actually a bit... well, boring?! Out of all my friends that I've known over the years who moved here from somewhere else I'm the only one who stayed. It's a city that can be incredibly hard on you, but it's a bit like surfing; if you catch that wave just right you'll have the time of your life!


Hospital scenes

First of all I want to say thank you for all your comments on the previous post; we are touched and delighted by your well wishes! The last few days have been amazing, Omar is such a content baby and is both sleeping and feeding really well; we kind of feel like we've hit the jackpot! I can't explain what an amazing experience becoming a parent is; I really had no idea how intensely one can feel love or how soppy one can get ;)


Whoop there he is!

A week ago tomorrow little Omar finally arrived and life since then has been amazing; the little man is just perfect (but then I would say that) and we're loving every minute of our first steps into parenthood. Hope you're all well and that you have a wonderful weekend!


He's got mail

A little package arrived for the fellow the other day from the lovely Mary; a cosy little hat and a really fun book called Mini Maxi, isn't it great? Thanks Mary, I'm so touched! Now if only the the bubba himself would arrive... I promise it'll be much more fun on the outside little dude!


One more walk

Went for a lovely and chilly walk on Saturday, turns out there's a little go in me still! We walked through Primrose Hill & Regent's Park and it felt like I finally got my long missed autumnal walk in before winter kicks in properly. I can feel winter breathing down my neck though... I think I'm ready. Are you?


Outtakes XI

Time for some outtakes again me thinks and 'cause it's November and all I thought I'd seek out some pictures with light in them. I can't believe winter is almost upon us again up here in the northern hemisphere. The Christmas ads are already being churned out on telly; where did this year go? Have a great weekend friends!

Mette had her little Elinor! Yippie! 
Ehum... my turn next :)



As I'm sitting here at home rolling my thumbs I thought I'd go through my archives and see what's hiding in there. I meant to post these pictures ages ago but never got round to it. They're from my friends A & D's flat in Stockholm, my home from home as that's where I always stay when I go there and visit. There are so many goodies to look at in their place and I love staying there. Since I was there a year ago they've had a little bubba of their own that I haven't yet met, but I'm hoping that we'll all get to hang out in the spring. Although we'll have to find somewhere else to stay - there's no for us room now!


Watching the kettle boil

It's a new week already and potentially a week where my life will change forever. It feels strange to be at the cusp of something so monumentally big, not knowing when it will happen or what life really will be like afterwards. The waiting is starting to get to me but doing a few simple things has worked wonders, and I mean simple. Like actually getting dressed and not walking around in the hubby's PJ's all day (which I have done for weeks), making myself a simple and comforting sandwich for lunch and switching the radio off and playing some music instead. What a difference half a day makes.