Little Mo pic of the week

Man, that cat is the coolest. That's all I have to say.

Claire and her Dad have started a lovely blog, go and have a look!


From inside

Phew... I. Am. Beat. We've just had a long weekend with all day ante-natal classes at the hospital where Bubba will be making his debut... I have one afternoon left of learning and then I plan to have October off. Like the hubby said last night: "Enjoy this time 'cause you'll never have it back again...". So I'm off to Ibiza for a month of partying! NOT REALLY! Anyway, I took these at the hospital in what seemed to be the sunniest weekend we've had in months... and today the sky is grey. Now please excuse me as I have a date with the sofa and the DVD-player. Happy Monday!


The red shoes

The niece and I spent some time playing together in the park the other day and lovely it was too! I don't know how it's been for you but this September has been the most gorgeous of months; I've realised that it's my favourite as it straddles summer and autumn so perfectly. Hope you have a wonderful weekend folks and may the sun shine on you wherever you are!


Picking it up

After a week of hardly taking any pictures I finally made myself do it as I'd gotten in a bit of a funk, wondering where my funny eye had gone. Usually a trip or an outing somewhere would bring it back but I guess I just have to bide my time; I know the trip of a lifetime is just weeks away...

Mike Stimpson's Lego re-workings of famous photographs are brilliant.


A lunch in the country

Last weekend we drove out west for the day to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. The weather was wonderful and the lunch was really nice and relaxed; we drifted in and out of the sunshine after the main course, eventually dropping back in for afters. It certainly felt like the last day of summer and I'm so glad we got to spend it somewhere special. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



I'm 32 weeks today and with the time counting down to the big day I find myself in full-on baby mode. One room in our house is quickly filling up with baby stuff and so is my mind. As a result I find blogging really hard, I just seem to forget to take pictures! I do miss being in blog-mode and I'm sure I'll get back into it before I'm due; I miss the hunt. Hope you have a great weekend!



I see myself as a rational person but then I'm still superstitious. When I was younger I had more of the usual ones like fearing bad luck if a black cat crossed my path or never walking under ladders. I now only have two that I adhere to, one is that I have to have the William Eggleston picture of an airplane window up on the day the hubby has to catch a flight for his many work trips abroad and the other one is that I never put my keys on the table. I think some of the more common superstitions are there because of common sense; walk under a ladder and it might fall on you or someone might drop something on your head; break a mirror and you might cut yourself (I did break a mirror once but I didn't get seven years of bad luck). I know different countries have different superstitions; when the hubby insists on calling "Hail, hail" to a magpie I scoff, forgetting about my own versions of the same thing. Now, I thought it might be fun to find out what your superstitions are, do you have your own personal ones and which ones are typical of your country?
I hope I'm not alone on this one... I'm not crazy... I think.



Yay! We gots the internet again (although I'm not completely convinced it'll last - I sooo don't trust our provider) ... I hope you all have had a great week! Mine's been busy with midwife appointments, catching up with friends and ante-natal classes. I'm now looking forward to a relaxing weekend before my dad and half-sister come over for a visit next week. It's been so weird not being able to go online as I wish; I didn't realise how much I relied on it for practical reasons until it was gone. Amazing how you just take it for granted, isn't it? Well people, I now wish you a Happy Friday!

Oh, and we've had a garden guest all week. He just appeared last weekend and has been there everyday since."Awww... sweet!" I hear you say. It it is. But the little bastard also uses one corner as his loo; at least now I can google how to get rid of messy fox guests :)