Stockholm randoms 2017

Hej! Didn't mean to have such a long break, but life happens. We went to Sweden over Easter and had the best time (we went skiing - yay - which Oomoo picked up in three days - yay!), and then we got back and Oomoo got ill, and I didn't get to sit down at the computer until now. As usual there's no rhyme or reason to my picture taking, so here are three randoms from Stockholm. More to come!


Kitchen buddy

Whether I'm making dinner or breakfast, Buddy will be there, keeping an eye on everything, making sure I'm doing it right :)



Went to the Photographers Gallery last week to see the Roger Mayne exhibition (which was a bit meh), and ended up going to have a look at the Deutsche Börse Prize nominees  as well and fell in love with Awoiska van der Molens work. Just wonderful! Huge hand printed black and white shots of nature that somehow manage to evoke the sense of being there, hearing the silence. If you're in London, I recommend going to the Photographers Gallery just to have a look at her entry. This shot is from the the Taiyo Onorato/Nico Krebs exhibit, which was a bit disorientating to look at to say the least - haha!


Sunday snippets

Nice bit of monochrome in one of the stairwells at the Science Museum yesterday.

We went to see the Robots exhibition which made us all realise how amazing we humans are, rather than the other way round.

This was a huge sculpture in the main museum that I had no time to do more than take a picture of.

Oomoo caught running after our lunch - tut tut.

Strangers on the stairs.

3D "projection kit" from the gift shop. Kind of worked.

On the way to Nana's for Sunday dinner. I was too hungry to take any more pictures. The End.


Down at the Gallery

A couple of weeks ago I watched a great documentary about the National Gallery on DVD, as I was too tired to go out on an art expedition myself. The film is three hours long, with no narrative, no talking heads and no voice over. It felt just as rewarding to watch it as it would have been walking around the gallery in person. I've been there plenty of times, but it was really interesting seeing what happens behind the scenes, especially in the restoration department. Last week I went down to the National Gallery to have a look round again, finding the art that had been featured in the film as well as snapping pics of my fellow visitors. Most large museums and art galleries here have free admission, which is lucky, as it's great to be able to re-visit gems like these over and over again. So maybe I should stop moaning about how crap London is now, eh?


Letting the light in

How do you deal with winter? Every year it rolls round I feel life drain out of me, and I find it hard to get anything done. I basically hibernate and wait it out, not forcing anything. This winter has been much better than last year's, as I've learnt to accept that this is what happens (to me), and that I don't need to feel angry or guilty about it. It will pass. And now, just as it's getting lighter for longer, a little warmer and the trees are budding/blossoming, I'm starting to feel my old self creep back. Now I manage to drag myself out, topping up on all the things that I enjoy; meeting friends, running in the woods, going to museums and carrying my camera again. So this picture symbolises exactly where I am right now, ready to face the world again, and hopefully getting shit done.


Looking up at Kew

Don't you go walking around looking at your feet - you might miss something bigger than you.

I love you Kew

After living in London for 24 years, the city is finally starting to grate on me. It's too big and too crowded, and I'm getting tired of it. A move to the countryside is not an option as we are city people through and through, and I'm sure this fatigue is probably more due to it being February than anything else. I hate this month so much! It's only redeeming feature is that it's short (it should be even shorter if you ask me). Last Sunday we went to Kew Gardens, and we usually don't bother going in the winter as there's not that much to look at. But being there I realised what a tonic it was, for all of us. The kids love it and we grown ups get to catch up, as we all walk about 10km, without complaints. If we ever moved away it would be one of the places I'd miss the most.


Autumn '16 recap

Strange thing we saw in the V&A courtyard during the London Design Week. I don't remember who it was by.

During a leaf-throwing fight, which is like a snowball fight, but with leaves. We need more snow in this country.

The boys having a cardboard tube duel. En garde!

Enjoying feeling small under some trees in Kew Gardens.

We weirdly all have the same head size in our family of three. Very handy when you forget your own hat.

When you ring the door bell at Halloween and you get more than you bargained for.

Went to space in early Nov. It was so cool! Or maybe this was Guy Fawkes night... You decide.

Uncle and cousin and Oomoo snuggles in the new Turbine Hall installation.

Facing the fear and doing it anyway.

Buddy surveying his land, keeping his eye on the local bird and squirrel population.


Dot dot dot

In Stockholm back in September we were lucky enough to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition that was on at Moderna Museet. We both really enjoyed it, I mean, how could you not?