To be continued...

I'm sending the blog off on holiday; it might be for a couple of weeks, it might be for a few months. I started this blog years ago in order to jump start my photography, but recently I've found that it's actually stifling it. I will continue on Instagram, so if you like you can follow me there or follow the link on the right hand side of this page. Keep well friends, and I might see you back here sooner than I think :)


Outtakes XVI

I'm going to cheat it again... I'm sure you don't mind. I found this folder on the desktop all ready to go, but I guess I never got round to posting it at the time - which if memory serves me right would have been nearly two years ago. And yes; I don't keep a particularly tidy desktop -  hence there are folders two years old just sitting there... Nevermind! Hope you have a mighty fine weekend y'all!


Little Mo pic of the week XIV

Little Mo is 16 years old today - which is 81 in cat years... eeeeeeek! You'd never know it by looking at her. Somewhere in the attic there's must be a painting of her looking all decrepit, haha.


Out out out

Oomoo was a bit poorly last week so we didn't get up to much, but by the weekend we were all going stir-crazy and had to get out of our 'hood. We headed down to the Natural History Museum first, but quickly moved on to the Science Museum next door, as it was very crowded at the former. I love the Science Museum; there are so many great things to explore, and every time we go we look at something different. Both me and the hubby sighed at the sight of the model workshop in the last picture - the details were amazing (you don't really get the sense of it in my picture, but it's I think it's at a scale of 1:44). I might go back and steal it. Don't you go and tell on me now!


Outtakes XV

I guess you could say I broke the law taking last picture :) Happy weekend!


Outtakes XIV

It's been well over a year since I last put together an outtakes post. Well, guess what?! This week there'll be two of them, haha! I don't feel particularly inspired at the moment, so a dip into the archives will have to do. I don't know about you, but I'm craving something new in my life. I just haven't decided what yet... I'm thinking along the lines of learning a new language or perhaps taking up piano lessons again. We shall see.


It's the weekend yo

What are your plans for the weekend then? We have none whatsoever. Although I must say that there's no difference between weekdays and weekends in our house... Hope you have a good one!



I always get sale-fatigue the day the sales start; I just can't be bothered. But I bagged two bargains in the past week, a shirt from Monki and a pair of shoes from F-Troupe. By the looks of it, I'm into panelling at the moment!


Insta Alps

My Instagrams from the mountains came out much nicer than the Ixus ones :) Happy Monday!


Full board

We went on our first proper holiday in three years the week before xmas - eight days of snowboarding in La Plagne, France. The week before we arrived the slopes were still covered in grass, but luckily the weather turned wintry just as we got there. In fact, it hardly stopped snowing at all; it fell well over 150cms whilst we were there. It was really hard work going down the slopes as visibility was sometimes to just 20 odd metres or so - most days we were hurtling through proper snowstorms. It was exhilarating and it did wonders for my technique; I was snowboarding blindly and had to trust the board completely. I so wish that I had 'found' the mountains in my 20's, although ironically I'm probably fitter now than I was back then! To make up for lost time I'm going to make sure I'll be a snowboarding grandma :)


Snapshots from Christmas Day

Hello everybody peeps! How was your holidays? Ours was nice but I'm glad it's all over; I don't particularly enjoy the sluggishness that grips a hold of you as everything slows down for a week or so. Christmas Day itself was a relaxed affair at the in-laws' and Oomoo had a ball. We got to enjoy some culinary twists thanks to my brother-in-law, who cooked poussins with all the trimmings instead of turkey, and salted caramel popcorn ice-cream sandwiches for afters (I'm not a fan of traditional christmas puddings at all). Well, that was that and now it's a new year... Happy 2012 to all of you - let's make it a good one!