Les vacances

To escape the heat we're heading further south (!), France to be exact. But at least we'll be staying in a house with a pool; or maybe that should be a pool with a house? Not sure I'll be blogging from there, so if not, hope you have a wonderful week! Bisous!


The golden hour

Summer seems to have arrived here in London and the other night I noticed how beautiful the light was in the spare room. They say you really feel the heat when you're pregnant and I have to agree, normally I'd be basking in the sun but now all I want to do is take cover in our - luckily - cool house. As you can see I'm getting quite big (in a brilliant maternity dress that Hannah sent me) and the little fellow in there is apparently big and healthy too. Yes... turns out we're having a boy! We haven't decided on a name yet (there's still plenty of time) and now I'm curious; which are your favourite boys names? Have a great weekend everyone!

This post made me smile, what a great way to commemorate MJ. The music will always live on and make us wanna dance!


Down South Bank

As the CSM show was by South Bank I was only too pleased to be walking around one of my favourite parts of London. It's been way too long since I was down there and we're planning on going back there soon to see the Walking in my mind exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. Yoshitomo Nara's one of the artists - woohoo!!


Graphics 2009

Went to the Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design graduate show on Monday night. It was very hot and heaving but we managed to make our way round the different floors anyway. These are some of the things that caught my eye.

KristopherH - the last pic is one of his illustrations. 


Within in a minute

These were shot 50 seconds apart; whilst I took the pic of Little Mo chilling out upstairs the hubby called "Come down and look at this!". That cat and that man are weirdly in synch.


Saturday part II

After the surprise of seeing so many naked people in one place we continued over to Covent Garden on a special mission to get to Scoop (proper gelato in London!) where we ordered way too much (and yes, there is such a thing as too much ice-cream). A posse of ladies in pink hats (a hen-night party) strolled past us just as we were leaving and once we got back to my sister's, Min the cat was only too happy to be let back out on the roof terrace. A good day indeed!

Same girl - my favourite song at the mo courtesy of Bret & Jemaine :)


Saturday part I

Finally got to spend a day with my sister (and her man) - it's been months since we've had the chance to hang out - so on Saturday I went round their neck of the woods for a spot of lunch. On our way to the pub it suddenly got very noisy and as we looked up fighter jets flew over us, on their way to Buckingham Palace to salute the Queen for her birthday celebrations. We didn't really have any plans for the rest day, but after talking about Swedish sweets we decided to make our way over to the Scandinavian Kitchen to stock up. To our surprise we managed to time our crossing of Oxford Street just as hundreds of naked people zoomed by on their bikes. They were taking part of the World Naked Bike Ride and we couldn't quite believe that the traditionally prudish Brits were so happily letting it all hang out. These are two of the more respectable pictures I took, I didn't want you to choke on your breakfast first thing in the morning! More pics tomorrow.


The result

Thought I'd show you the result of our hallway carpet dilemma... We decided to go with the middle paler colour out of the three original swatches but were then told that it had been discontinued! As a result we had to bring samples back and forth for a few days to see what would fit (at one point we were looking at green carpet - ehh??). Anyway, turns out it was a blessing the paler colour didn't exist. We went with a warmer darker grey and we're very pleased with the result! Happy Friday chums!


Making shapes

The second I saw it over on Amy's gorgeous blog All the mountains I knew I had to have it! Kinda like love at first sight... sigh. Check out the charming Shapemaker film here and buy their stuff here. Little four year-old O (in the last picture) liked it too, can't wait to have fun with it in a few years time with our own little one :)

My milk toof - this blog has left me speechless... I just can't find the words to describe it but one thing is for certain; you'll LOVE it.



Trying to get the whites white and trainers clean, finding boy names, watching Little Mo sitting just so, enjoying another homemade cake with friends and having fun on the Xbox. How was your weekend?


Yum yum gimme some!

Went to Wahaca last night with some friends, the third time in less that two weeks no less! One of us was particularly keen as you can see in the first picture :) 

It's the last pairing ever today over on how we say hello! Both me & Sandra are sad to end the project but I'm sure we'll do something else together in the future. Happy Friday y'all!


Sweet tooth

Got my bake on this weekend. I've been wanting to bake for months, just waiting for my energy to come back (which it has, I'm even back in the gym - hooray!) so I could get on with it. I made an apple & hazelnut loaf from an old recipe book and whilst I was loading the loaf with the apples I thought "Surely this is too many?!", but the recipe said that the key to a great loaf was tons of them. Wrong!!! It should have taken 35 minutes to bake in the oven but I had to keep adding more and more time as it was nowhere near cooked. Two hours later I gave up. In the end we had a few soggy but delicious slices and I now know to halve the amount of apples in future. I must learn to trust my inner baker...