Quiet day

The unbelievably good weather is back again! I ain't complaining. It's so funny that this autumn might be the best weather we've had all year... Anyway, had a quite day yesterday, walking around my neighbourhood before having a bit of lunch and a bit of the sweet stuff. Yuuuuuuum.

For those who didn't click on toktokada's (thanks!) link in the comments yesterday: JR, the artist whose photographs were on the buildings in Wednesday's post. A-mazing.


  1. It's so good to get up and start a new day seeing so sunny pictures. Thanks. (Please, send some of that wonderful weather this way :)

  2. vad hungrig jag blev nu hörrudu! kram!

  3. your blog is absolutely devine. x

  4. your blog is so nice :)
    you're lucky to have such nice fall weather, it snowed here yesterday!

  5. where does one find a choc pud like that in a burger shop please?
    beautiful pictures. i am loving the blue skies too, hope they last - i could quit the office for them...

  6. oh i love the roof wood edge !!! and the burger place :)

    your pic are so precise and sharp, really enjoy them everytime :)

  7. thanks everyone!

    sophie: all bar one!


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