Have a nice weekend!

I'm planning on watching DVD's, reading and knitting. What are your plans? This picture is a bit random I know, but I had to share it. The hubby wrote it back in '82... he must have been very proud at the time!


It's getting closer

Xmas that is. By the day. Ughhh. I'm not a big fan... I just hate the waste of it all. People buying other people rubbish and spending money just for the sake of it. This year I'm making most of my gifts myself but there's still some stuff we have to get, so yesterday we continued our gift-hunting. It was reasonably successful, I reckon one more trip and we're done. Please let that be the case. Anyway, sorry to be such a Scrooge... Happy Friday I say!


ZZZZZZ (or rather the lack of)

I've never been one to suffer from insomnia but in the past few weeks I keep waking up around 4.30am and then struggle to fall back asleep for about an hour. Well, yesterday morning was the worst. I woke up at that ungodly hour and couldn't get back to sleep until 08.45am! Just awful... I tried reading, a cup of Sleepytime, a snack and surfing the net but nothing really worked. Anyway, managed to get one more hour's sleep in before I had breakfast with a pre-hibernation fat squirrel. Luckily the telly provided the perfect film to watch on a day of not doing anything, a Hepburn/Tracy film ("Woman of the year"), which gave me a lovely new addition to my collection of "The End's". I also felt jealous of Little Mo's catnaps throughout the day, not fair!

Can't remember if I've linked to this before, but I luv it.


Quality time

Went round to my friend N's sunny flat yesterday for a lovely cup of tea and a bit of a natter. We were both saying how this imminent recession isn't all doom and gloom, one huge positive is that you can enjoy simple pleasures like spending quiet times with out-of-work friends :)


They don't grow on trees you know

Who knew these things were hiding in the bushes? As we were walking along the Outer Circle of Regent's Park, kicking through through the leaves, all of these hidden treasures were peeking out from the hedges, one piece of litter more absurd than the other. I think the tea bags are the funniest though, you can't get much more stereotypically British rubbish than that!

A new blog favourite: 11286


Outtakes IV

Some outtakes from last week's typography theme over on how we say hello. I always had this idea in my head that there wasn't much good lettering around London but I've realised now that maybe I wasn't looking hard enough!


Nearly winter

London has been hit by a cold snap and I love it. It's great as long as you're warm enough. I think there's something so life-affirming about being outside with the cold biting your cheeks, especially if the sun is out - even if it just out a little bit. Went to a quiet Regent's Park yesterday afternoon and we were all saying how it felt like we were walking along in some romantic film. 
Keep rolling! 


In the study

I'm parked in front of the computer working on photos at the moment. This is what I'm surrounded by. Every time I sit down at the desk the four-legged friend will come by and say hello. All workplaces should have a four-legged friend hanging out. A donkey could be fun ;)


Shop love

Made a start on our Christmas shopping yesterday with a visit to After Noah. It was so nice in there, it was like we'd travelled back to the 1940's. Lots of little goodies, lovely music playing and pretty empty. Aaaahhh, the joy of not having to do your shopping on a weekend... but then, it wasn't a particularly successful gift-buying trip so we'll have to have another go soon. Bah humbug :)


Dinner time

My sister and her man came over for dinner last night. As me and the hubby were cooking I said "We never have people round for dinner anymore...!" I then laughed as I realised it's because we never invite anyone. Can you believe my sister actually invited herself?! Anyway, the spag bol was out of this world and my first try at a pavlova was pretty darn good if I may say so myself ;) We should do it more often.


Day in

Felt a bit run down yesterday so me and the hubby stayed in and did a bit of crafting. He made a Hiroshige tatebanko (a japanese diorama) and I got my knitting on. This is what we listened to, I think it's the best crafting music there is... Now all I need is a rocking chair and a crackling fire and the scene would be complete.


The weekend of nothing special

Just a bath, hanging some more pictures up and going for a short drive. What did you do?

I think I might have to get one of these. I particularly like February.