Around Montmartre

Hells bells time has flown! Didn't mean to stay away for this long, but there's just not been enough time recently to tend to this visual diary of mine. I doubt I'll be able to catch up here until the autumn, unless I can discipline myself and not watch episodes of Call My Agent! (set in Paris no less - and very enjoyable it is too) in the evenings. Aaaaanywaaay, Montmartre is rather high up innit, so lots and lots of stairs to climb.

Like I said - lots and lots of stairs. And pretty light.

When you travel, do you play the game where you pick a house that you would like to move into? We did. This was my pick. Wonder what it was like on the inside...

My friend Z was curious to see Sacre Coeur again (last time she saw it was on a school trip when she was 14), and from having walked around quiet and empty streets we literally turned a corner and hit touristville head on. We spent about 10 mins there and hurried away quickly.

Can't remember who this bust (see what I did there?) is of, but it seems her boobs are quite popular.

We kept exploring the neighbourhood and came across this gorgeous flower bed; spring is surely the prettiest season, non?

There were lots of magnifique houses in this mews. I broke the rules of the house game and bagsied one here too ­čśü

Didn't seek this mill out but happened to come across it by chance anyway. Tres cool.

These three, enjoying a moment in the sun. The lady on the right be stylin'!!

Nice bit of street art. I'm guessing the last bird in the bottom picture is saying "Batman"?

I really enjoyed our walk in Montmartre. Now let's hope it doesn't take me another five weeks to put another post up!